Renaissance Blood THD v1.5 APK

Da Vinci is dead. Find the final blueprint that he left all costs!

Renaissance Blood THD
Da Vinci is dead.
Now it’s up to you and the heroes of the Renaissance to find the final blue print that he left behind.
Renaissance Blood THD is a first-person shooter that takes place in the Renaissance era. Developed specifically for the NVIDIA® Tegra 3® chip and the Unreal Engine, this visually stunning action-packed thriller dares to raise the bar for shooting games on all platforms.

Immerse yourself in a world where science and alchemy set the rules, and battle your way through a slew of mobs with spectacular weapons inspired by Da Vinci’s inventions.

  • Designed specifically to take full advantage of devices using NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core mobile processor with its 4-PLUS-1 quad-core CPU architecture that delivers outstanding performance and amazing battery life, plus a 12-core GPU, to deliver up to 5x the performance of the world's first dual-core processor, Tegra 2.
  • Intuitive controls for players of all levels
  • Dynamic character lighting and gamma correction for realistic light calculations
  • Interactive scene objects using advanced physics simulations
What's in this version: (Updated :Sep 6, 2012)
  • What's in this version:
  • Stage 3 has been added.
  • Players can use “Continue” function 3 times in a match.
  • Issue of 3D effect has been fixed.
  • We have fixed the issue that the game is freezing when it comes back to foreground from background. (This issue occurs due to the error that Android OS itself has.)
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :

Download : 10.5Mb APK
Cache file : Part1 Part2

  1. Install the APK
  2. Copy extracted ' com.Bridea.NC.THD.RenaissanceBlood' folder to '/sdcard/Android/obb'
  3. Launch the Game

    Ocean Aquarium 3D: Lost Temple v1.2 APK

    Mythic Isle lost in blue ocean is waiting for you. Find the hidden treasure!

    Ocean Aquarium 3D: Lost Temple
    Mythic Isle lost in blue ocean is waiting for you. Find the hidden treasure!
    "Ocean Aquarium 3D: Lost Temple" is an interactive Live Wallpaper. Outstanding high quality 3D graphics now available on Android phones & tablet devices!

    List of main features. Here we go! ▼

    • Animated ocean;
    • Animated interactive fish, plants & little crab;
    • Simple treasure riddle ^^
    • Smart control - you can tilt camera up & down to change appearance on the go;
    • Time of day changŠµ (just beautiful);
    • Fully customizable upper and underwater scenery;
    • Various camera modes including zoom up to 1.5x;
    • Power saving system based on direct FPS control;
    • Social Share button and more.
    Ocean Aquarium 3D live wallpaper fully supports horizontal orientation and looks amazing on tablet devices as well as on phones.

    Please report any problem to our support team with the model of your device.

    What's in this version : (Updated : Aug 17, 2012)
    • bug fixes
    • some old fishes have been replaced by new
    • Have Fun! You can also check Ocean Aquarium 3D: Turtle Isle LWP ^_^
    Required Android O/S : 2.1

    Screenshots :

    Download : 8Mb APK

    Boost 2 v1.0.5 APK

    Boost 2: Now available on Android !

    Boost 2 v1.0.5
    ✯  Three brand new game modes, including online multiplayer
    ✯  A completely redesigned interface and HUD
    ✯  Game Center and OpenFeint with online leaderboards and achievements
    ✯   Many other bug fixes and optimizations

    What's in this version : (Updated : January 24, 2012)
    • Added tablet support
    • Added SD card support
    Required Android O/S : 2.2+

    Screenshots :

    Download : 12Mb APK

    Bloody Mary Ghost Adventure v1.4 APK

    Scary Adventure Game! Invoke her if you dare! Recommended for Adults Only!

    Bloody Mary Ghost Adventure
    Bloody Mary Project is a mix of Adventure Game with real paranormal scanning, so if you meet Mary and succeed to invoke her using this app there's a high chance that your place is haunted.
    The Bloody Mary Project presents a new way of entertainment, creating a personalized experience for each user. Imagine being part of a story and, with your own perceptions and choices, write their end.

    The story is divided into chapters (releases free in updates). As a novel, the course and its end are undefined and will depend on your choices.

    • Stunning 3D/Hand Drawing Graphics
    • Innovative Real Time System (If you play during day/night that reflects in game)
    • Dynamic Events Based on Real Time
    • EMF Sensor that collects data and transform in events
    • New Chapter Every Month!
    • Constantly Updates
    What's in this version : (Updated : Sep 7, 2012)
    • Chapter III Added!
    • The Story Option Updated
    • Minor Fixes/Optimizations
    Required Android O/S : 1.6+

    Screenshots :

    Download : 40Mb APK

    All Talk v1.6.0 APK

    Play All Talk with friends today!

    All Talk
    Can you describe BEACH without saying SAND or OCEAN?!
    Play All Talk -- the newest social guessing game in the Google Play Store! Play with friends from all over! You'll hear a funny VOICE CLUE - see if you can guess the answer and send clues to your friends too!

    You'll be given a TOP-SECRET WORD your friends need to GUESS! Record VOICE CLUES and send them to your friends to help them guess the secret word! But be careful -- don't say one of the special "BANNED" words!

    • RECORD voice clues that will help your friends guess the secret word!
    • GUESS secret words based on voice clues that your friends send you!
    • SET RECORD STREAKS with your friends by guessing correctly and avoiding any "banned" words!
    • WIN COINS for guessing words correctly and leaving good clues!
    • Exchange coins for KEYS that will let you redo clues or select a new word!
    • RECONNECT with friends in all places with this hilariously entertaining game!
    • You'll get a GOOD LAUGH out of the funny clues you send and receive!
    • Play with friends on hundreds of Android devices!
    What's in this version : (Updated : Sep 7, 2012)
    • New achievements feature!
    • New facebook features!
    • Bug fixes!
    Please do not access this game if you are under the age of 13!

    Required Android O/S : 2.2+

    Screenshots :

    Download : 7Mb APK

    Wrestling Revolution (PPV) v1.13 APK

    Enjoy the revolutionary touch-screen wrestling game at its best on PPV!

    Wrestling Revolution (PPV)
    As an ongoing work in progress, Wrestling Revolution is the world's first "episodic" wrestling game - featuring regular storylines and match-ups that you would expect from a TV show. Except a game pans out differently each time you play!

    This spectacular "Pay-Per-View" edition features dozens of matches that were too cool for school. Witness some of your favourite stars square up in dream matches and share their thoughts on the revolution - culminating in a massive 10-man tag showdown and a 10-man Battle Royal.

    Each show also features a special "Mystery Guest" segment, where players get a chance to create their own wrestler - who could even win the chance to become a permanent part of the game.

    KEY WORDS: Wrestlefest, Fire Pro, WWE, TNA, Wrestlemania, MMA, Wrestling MPire, Federation Online, MMA, UFC, Boxing, Flash Stuntz, Olympics, athletics, sport, Rumblers, Apptivity

    What's in this version : (Updated : Aug 12, 2012)
    • A whole new card featuring new characters and moves.
    • Display options to fine-tune performance.
    Required Android O/S : 2.2+

    Screenshots :

    Download : 12.5Mb APK

    Battery Booster (Full) v5.5 APK

    Battery Booster - Boost Your Battery's Running Time and Max Battery Life !

    Battery Booster (Full) v5.5
    Based on system specifications, Battery Booster provides the most accurate information on your battery charge, which includes an auto-updating live chart visually tracking your battery usage, and the real-time battery capacity, temperature, voltage, etc. Battery Tweak, including Smart Battery Saver and convenient settings for managing Wifi & Bluetooth, can help to squeeze out the peak performance from your phone.

    Battery Booster is a powerful battery boosting tool and power management application specially designed for Android devices.

    Features :
    • Real-time battery status (capacity, temperature, voltage, and charging status, etc) monitor and battery usage tracking 
    • Homescreen widget support (Add to homescreen with Menu -> Add -> Widgets -> Battery Booster) 
    • Shortcuts to WiFi/Bluetooth/Screen Brightness/Screen Timeout settings 
    • Real-time battery use monitor and management to save more power 
    • Battery Calibration Notification to maximize your battery life span 
    • Settings to automatically turn off WiFi/Bluetooth when device is locked. 
    • Settings to automatically turn on WiFi/Bluetooth when device is unlocked. 
    • Settings to automatically turn off WiFi/Bluetooth when your battery is low. 
    • Settings to enable beep and select beep tone/interval when your battery is low. 
    • Settings to enable beep and select beep tone/interval when your battery is full. 
    • Settings to enable beep and select beep tone/interval when your battery is overheated. 
    • Save more battery with built-in smart task manager (Based on Memory Booster - Android RAM Optimizer) 
    What's in this version: (Updated : Sep 7, 2012)
    • Add two more groups of battery icons (robotic style and digital style)
    • Add French language support (many thanks to Johan Jaworski)
    • Add Japanese battery voice notifications
    • Improve situation about battery history graph freezing
    • Optimize battery refreshing
    • Fix WiFi widget refreshing
    • Other minor improvements
    Required Android O/S : 1.5+

    Screenshots :

    Download : 2Mb APK

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