Where's My Water? v1.8.1 APK

Try Five New Levels of "Cranky's Story"

Where's My Water? v1.8.1 play.google.com.WMW
Cranky is the toughest alligator around and he has worked up an appetite from sabotaging Swampy’s water supply. He eats anything, especially all the rotting and disgusting junk found in the dumps and sewers.

Cranky will not eat vegetables however, and now his food is covered with vegetable-like algae. Use the dirty purple water to clean off Cranky’s plate so he can eat!

Swampy’s Story
The fun is just beginning. The story of Swampy unfolds as you play. Swampy’s cute, he’s funny, he just wants to take a shower with his beloved rubber ducky. In Swampy’s Story, play seven themed chapters over 140 levels. Collect Swampy’s ducks and shower items to unlock new puzzles and bonus levels. FREE levels are added to Swampy’s Story regularly!

Cranky’s Story
Cranky is the toughest alligator around and so are his puzzles! Play the first two chapters across 40 levels and test your puzzle solving skills with Crank’s Challenge. Cranky’s Challenge is a game within a game. Four unique puzzle packs with 16 total levels for the most-skilled puzzle solvers.

Humorous story moments and richly-detailed graphics bring this subterranean world to life! Check for updates often.
Go with the flow! Swipe, slosh, and splash to guide fresh water, dirty water, and ooze through increasingly challenging scenarios. 

Collect Swampy’s shower items and complete Cranky’s Challenge to unlock bonus levels. “Tri-Duck” each chapter and tap around for secret levels and even more surprises! Visit www.facebook.com/WheresMyWater for more hints, tips and secrets. 

Every drop counts in Where’s My Water? — A refreshing puzzler filled with good clean gaming fun

What's in this version : (Updated : Sep 21, 2012)
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWAMPY! Celebrate with Swampy and his pals! Look for a special gift on the main menu and help Swampy blow out the candle on his birthday cake!
  • The Lost Levels are getting bigger – now with 10 more levels for FREE! Also if you purchased the Mystery Duck mode enjoy 40 more levels. That’s over 140 levels in the Mystery Duck mode with more on the way.
Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Screenshots :

Download : 50Mb APK

[Original locked version]

Gold clock world time HD v1.08 APK

Spectacular live wallpaper of an antique golden clock!

Gold clock world time HD v1.08play.google.com.clockwork
Become the owner of a beautiful clock live wallpaper from the unique collection!
Compatible with TABLET PC and android PHONES.
Spectacular live wallpaper of an antique golden clock mechanism dated back to the end of the XIX century.

Take a pick the way this priceless piece of art clock is constructed inside.
Move the dial around or set up a desired speed for certain groups of mechanism; admire the exquisite luxury on your cell phone or tablet pc.
Part of a unique collection of watches for all occasions.

What's in this version : (Updated : Sep 21, 2012)
  • Timezone bug fixed.
Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Screenshots :

Download : 2.2Mb APK

PicsPlay Pro - FX Photo Editor v2.9 APK

The best photo editor ever !

PicsPlay Pro - FX Photo Editor v2.8.3 play.google.com.jellybus.fx
FX Photo Editor contains 110 presets and all editing features which allow you to express the best moment of your life.
Photos of your daily life and travelling can be depicted as the most memorable moment.
FX Photo Editor is easier and more convenient than any other editors.

Touch and touch! With few taps your photo will be amazingly changed. You can be a professional photographer.

(1) 110 Professional Presets
110 presets in 10 themes will satisfy everyone – All kinds of your photo can be depicted beautifully with 110 awesome presets.
Preset Themes : Scene, HDR, Blur, ART, Vintage, Grunge, Beauty, Professional, Color Splash, Black & White

(2) Real time Preset opacity control
You are able to control the opacity of presets when you apply it. By adjusting the opacity you can have varied effects within a preset.

(3) Get your own unique effect from unlimited combinations of presets
You can apply one and more presets to your photo. Through this work, you can get an unlimited number of preset combinations and are allowed to create your unique effects.

(4) Favorite and History list
You can add presets you like to the Favorite list.
Presets you have used lately are automatically listed in History and they can be called and used conveniently when you edit a photo.
To the Favorite up to 30 presets, and to History up to 20 presets can be added to each list. If the maximum number of Favorite and History list is over, the oldest preset will disappear from the lists.

(5) Time Matrix with temporal photographic effects
Time Matrix is a special function that allows you to express a particular time’s atmosphere in a photo.
Like a time machine, you can travel time with Time Matrix and apply a variety of effects according to the time you set.
You can experience this astonishing feature, Time Matrix, provided exclusively by FX Photo Editor.

(6) The edition tools for the varied purpose, from beginners to professionals
FX Photo editor provides not only the basic edition tools such as Color, Contrast, Exposure and etc., but also the professional edition tools like Histogram, B&W Curve, Colored Curve, and White Balance These professional tools are especially for those people who want to control more detailed adjustment.

(7) Different feeling of a photo with Textures
Textures are provided in order to help you make a photo more stylish and express various feelings through a photo. The opacity of textures can be controlled.

(8) Useful Borders and Vignetting
Complete edition with the last touch of putting a photo in borders.
Moreover, there are different styles of vignetting and you can also control the strength of vignetting.

(9) Save in various resolutions
FX Photo editor allows you to save a photo in from SNS optimized sizes up to the size of 2048 px..
(The saving size can be differentiated in some Android devices.)

(10) Manual
FX Photo Editor is designed for everyone to use conveniently and easily.

Features :
  • Take a photo and Load a photo
  • Environmental settings
  • 110 Presets categorized in 10 themes 
  • Filter effects and real-time control
  • Time Matrix
  • Crop and Mirror
  • Color, Contrast, Saturation, Exposure
  • Histogram, Colored Curve, B&W Curve, White Balance
  • Textures
  • Different styles and opacity control of vignetting
  • Useful stylish Borders
  • Compare with an original photo anytime
  • FX Photo Editor Manual
What's in this version: (Updated : Sep 21, 2012)
  • New features
    • Painting : Paint on your photo with various colors, bokehs and roll-stamps
  • Upgrade feature
    • Supports higher resolution(ICS, JellyBean) : Saves up to 2560 px high resolution photo
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :

Download : 15.5Mb APK

ZomNomNom v1.0 build 7 APK

Shoot, Blast and Swipe through the zombie hordes! Hours of zombie blastin' fun!

ZomNomNom v1.0 play.google.com.zomnomnom
It's "Red vs. Dead"! Play as Red, a gamer by day and a receptionist for Viro Corp Laboratories by night. After an experiment gone horribly wrong zombies have been unleashed and you are the last best hope to stop the utter zombification of the whole freakin' world!

Arm yourself, stand your ground and annihilate wave after wave of ferocious undead hordes. Fight the dead or die trying, because once you are gone there is nothing that will stop the zoms from their nom-nom-noms!!!

From High Tale Studios - the same team that brought you... nothing! This is our very first game!

  • Battle your way through 50 waves of zombies!
  • Stand your ground against 6 different zombie types!!
  • Collect cash to buy all 35 weapons!!!
  • Frantic "Shoot and Swipe" gameplay!!!
  • Impress your friends by collecting all achievements!!!
  • Hand drawn comic cutscenes and chilling original music!!!
  • Gratuitous use of exclamation marks!!!!!
What's in this version: (Updated : Sep 21, 2012)
  • Fixed a bug that would not show the final scene when beating the game.
  • Beating the game will put you at the beginning with your weapons and money intact
  • Fixed positioning of some menu buttons
  • Fixed label when purchasing coins so that it reads 'Opening Store' rather than 'Purchasing'
  • Fixed some graphical glitches
  • Various other minor fixes
Required Android O/S : 2.0.1+

Screenshots :

Download : 4.1 APK

Andy (Siri for Android) v4.7 APK

This is a full and ad free version of Andy (Siri for Android) !

Andy (Siri for Android) v4.7 play.google.comandy2.xml
Andy is a voice controlled access to encyclopedic information on a vast array of topics. Ask anything. Andy covers culture and the arts, biographies and persons, geography and places, society and social sciences, history and events, natural and physical sciences, technology and applied science, religion and belief systems, health, mathematics and logic, philosophy and many other topics.

You can also ask about weather and time in any city, get answers to algebra questions, conversions, or simply ask any question just like you would do a search online.
To ask a question, tap the microphone button on the application home screen. Alternatively, you may give your device a little shake (this requires enabling the Shake Recording option) or simply type in your question manually to get the answer.

One of Andy's great features is its design to work with Bluetooth headsets (A2DP only, must pair with at least one device). Andy (using your Android phone or tablet) will recognize your voice and speech, search the Internet for the best answer, and read it back to you in a clear voice. The answer will also be displayed on your device screen.

Additionally, Andy can send text messages, initiate phone calls, give you directions and do distance measurements, time range measurements and a lot more.

What's in this version: (Updated : Sep 20, 2012)
  • Recent Changes: http://www.andyforandroid.com/manual/release-notes/
  • Before leaving you rating, please check Andy's manual at http://www.AndyForAndroid.com and also FAQ pages and Videos on how to use the program. Most common issues are resolved by simply checking user manual... And if you're not sure about something, just email us at AndyForAndroid@gmail.com, we'll do our best to help you.
  • New customers: Please download and test the free version of Andy before buying a full version.
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :

Download : 560Kb APK

TrueWeather LWP v3.9 APK

TrueWeather animate actual weather, year seasons and day/night situation!

TrueWeather LWP v3.9play.google.com.trueweather
TrueWeather animate actual weather, year seasons and day/night situation.
TrueWeather animate actual weather, year seasons and day/night situation for your location or city as full HD live wallpaper. Main features of full version are:

  • Real weather situation.
  • Four year seasons animations (spring, summer, autumn, winter). Year season is automatically selected depend on your location and date.
  • Real sunrise/sunset times.
  • Real moon phases.
  • 3 days forecast animations (double tap wallpaper to start forecast, see video).
  • Feels like temperature.
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Humidity
  • Quick access to 2nd city(triple tap wallpaper), you can see weather, year and day situation in your favorite city including forecasts
  • Lots of settings
  • Amazing interactive animation 
  • In autumn, windmill speed depends on real wind speed
  • In spring, a flower falling from tree depends on wind speed, etc...
  • Rain, Snow depends on wind speed, etc...
  • Optimize for CPU and Battery usage
What's in this version : (Updated : Sep 22, 2012)
  • Added option to set the direction of the sun
  • Added more option to set the camera mode
  • Added Portuguese and Korean for meteorological data
  • Added Russian language for settings
  • Added the static mode for text
  • Improved graphics
  • Add home screen scrolling detection for Samsung S3
  • Minor bug fixed
Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Screenshots :

Download : 11Mb APK

Dragon, Fly! Full v3.05 APK

Slide and fly over the beautiful hills in this fast paced one touch arcade game !

Dragon, Fly! Full v3.05 market.android.com.slideandflyfull
As a newly hatched dragon pup you are still too young to fly. That however is not going to stop you from embarking on your very first adventure. The realms are full of curvy hills. Slide along them and time your touches with precision to build momentum and take off into the sky.

Be quick though! Dragon mum is anxious about your whereabouts and has headed out to end your journey and bring you back to the nest.

Features :
  • Super simple: One touch controls. Pick up and play. 
  • Super complex: Advanced 2D physics engine makes this a game that requires strategy, skill and dexterity to master. 
  • Super smooth: 60 frames pr second even on medium level devices. 
  • Many quests to complete. Get your dragon to the highest level! 
  • New beautiful landscapes generated fresh for you every day. 
  • Online worldwide leaderboards. 
  • Ad free. All levels unlocked - reach for the sky!
What's in this version : (Updated : Jul 31, 2012)
  • Fixed crash on GTV.
  • Fixed achievement Reach Realm 10.
  • There is now a daily reward for returning to the game. Added 720p HD graphics. Added new achievements. Fixed lots of small bugs, mostly of graphical nature and android 4.0 related.
Required Android O/S : 1.6+

Screenshots :

Download : 4.2Mb APK

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