Genesis v1.0.2 APK

Genesis, the best online RTS for your Android!

In the distant future, in the darkest regions of space, the ghosts of the past silently whisper your name. You are the commander, hero who lead nations to their salvation. The Humans, Demons and Noahs found itself on the brink of extinction and forcing all units to final strike for redemption. Some believe you may have given up the fight. But you have promises to keep and conquer the world of genesis for the rest of all times. You will never be forgotten.

About Genesis
Genesis is a Online RTS developed in South Korea which became very successful and popular among all players in Asian market. Beside story mode – single player the game also offering multiplayer option. Players can choose from one of the three playable and totally different races – Human, Demon and Noah. Each race contain unique buildings, units and upgrades and it’s up on the each player if he want to play and fight with mystical dragons and monsters, robots and Hi-tech machines or sci-fi alien units.

  • Highly detailed graphics
  • HD quality resolution
  • Single-player – storyline 
  • Multi-player support 3vs3 via 3G, LTE or Wi-Fi
  • Three playable races: Human, Demon, Noah
  • Intuitive touch-panel controls specifically tailored to smartphones
  • Countless hours of gameplay
What's in this version : (Updated : Sep 25, 2012)
  • Version without ANY advertisement
  • Enabled in game store
  • Added all items to the store
  • Added 1 3vs3 map and 3 additional 1vs1 or 2vs2 to the game
  • Enabled billing via Google Checkout
  • Fixed replay issue now fully working
  • Fixed update issue
  • Working togehter with Genesis FREE and online accounts
  • created in the Free version
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :

Download : 43Mb APK + 29Mb Cache file
Download : 
  1. Install APK
  2. Copy '' folder to '/sdcard/Android/obb'
  3. Launch the Game

Jelly Bean Extreme Red CM AOKP v2.1 APK

Jelly Bean Extreme Red theme for CM AOKP!

Jelly Bean Extreme Red CM AOKP
I LOVE the Jelly Bean / Ice Cream Sandwich look, but there were some things i didn't like and some things I thought I could improve. That is what this theme is all about. Taking JB & ICS to another level!

  • Custom, Original Design Work
  • Custom Wallpaper
  • 1000 Custom Images!!
  • ROOT is needed and a custom ROM that supports the Theme Engine
This Theme will work for the following ROM's:
  • CM9
  • CM10
This theme is designed for mdpi, hdpi, and xhdpi devices

  1. Download Theme
  2. Go to Settings -> Themes
  3. Select JB Extreme and press apply
  4. Ignore that and press apply anyway
  5. A message will display saying SystemUI has crashed, press OK
  6. SystemUI will restore after about 5-10 seconds and theme will be applied
  7. If you coming from another theme, you may need to reboot
The lock screen and some system dialogs cannot be themed in the T-Mobile Theme Engine, therefore they will remain unchanged

  • Most all popup menus (Light and Dark)
  • Switches are angled on JB Devices (like ICS)
  • Power control and genie widget have semi trans background
  • Nova Folder backgrounds (platform, circle)
  • All icons on pull down to blue
  • All navigation buttons
  • Added some blue accents on pull down menu borders
  • Changed the "working" circle
  • Bottom menu background
  • Battery with and without percentages
  • Cellular and Wifi Signals
  • Animated notification icons for Gmail and Gtalk
  • Status bar close bar
  • Notification background on pull down
  • All AOKP/CM toggle icons
  • SMS/MMS Notification icons
  • Phone/Dialer Images
  • MDPI support for tablets and phones with tablet UI
  • Support for sw600dp and sw720dp (mdpi/hdpi/xhdpi)
  • All Settings icons (CM/AOKP/Stock)
  • Stock keyboard
  • Analog clock/desk clock
  • Market notification icons
  • Complete lockscreen handle icons (aokp only)
  • On/off buttons under aokp toggles on pull down
  • Google now notification icons (traffic, sports, etc)
  • Google search widget
  • Google now misc icons/images
  • Skinned & Blacked out Gmail/Email & Widgets
  • 60 app icons
What's in this version : (Updated : Sep 24, 2012)
  • Initial Release
Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Screenshots :

Download : 11Mb APK

Mini Chameleon v1.0.0 APK

Mini Chameleon is animated and interactive chameleon on your home screen!

Mini Chameleon
Mini Chameleon live wallpaper features little chibi chameleon on the branch which gently swings in the wind c: Pet, shake, poke, change and customize on your hearts content! Mini Chameleon is also complimented with various interactive sounds and NEW features like "Dynamic colour change" - with every new Live Wallpaper we keep new inovations coming along side with creative and original arts.

★Shake it! – use of accelerometer sensor to make chameleon dizzy! ( fast colour change )

★Thought Clouds! A graphical representation of thoughts or mood. Thought clouds will show up next to chameleon in different situations, weather he sleeps, wakes up, being happy or not happy at all!

  • Regular updates ( extra content )
  • Various interactions and customizations!
  • SD-card support ( Androis OS 2.2+ )
  • Based on OpenGL ( smooth and effective )
  • Quality content ( original artwork )
  • Support!
Mini Chameleon Live Wallpapaer runs smoothly and doesn't eat your phone's battery!

Supports all phone sizes except for tablets.

General Help and Hints:
  • To open your Live Wallpaper: Home Screen>Menu>Wallpaper>Live Wallpaper
  • Sometimes, after an update, it's better to re-install Live Wallpaper
Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Screenshots :

Download : 2Mb APK

Fire Electric Pen 3D PLUS v1.0 APK

Fire Electric Pen 3D PLUS

Fire Electric Pen 3D PLUS
Remember the TV show ?
Remember the Challenge ?
It's you turn
Let's IRA IRA!!
  • 40 Stage 
  •  ONE way 
  •  No Reason No answer
Exciting『Fire Electric Pen 3D』 not just challenge your skill but also test your patience.
Control the electric stick with horizontal view. Watch out for the electric wall, it would burn your electric stick while you touch it.
There are many challenge stages waiting for you. Come on! Enter the amazing maze.
Electric Stick Challenge 3D

Required Android O/S : 2.0.1+

Screenshots :

Download : 10.3Mb APK

Genius Scan v1.0.6 APK

Genius Scan turns your Android device into a pocket scanner!

Genius Scan
It enables you to quickly scan documents on the go and email the scans as JPEG or PDF.
In addition to email, Genius Scan provides easy upload to Box, Dropbox, Evernote or any other cloud service app installed on your Android phone.

The Genius Scan scanner technology includes smart page detection, perspective correction, image post-processing. It allows you to build PDF documents with multiple scans.

Still not convinced? Genius Scan has more than 8 million users and has been featured multiple times on the different mobile app stores.

But first, the key features (aka.: what makes this scanner different from the camera)
  • Detects page frame and corrects perspective 
  • Enhances the scan with color or black-and-white post-processing 
  • Emails the scans as JPG or PDF
  • Creates PDF documents with multiple scans 
  • Export documents to any app supporting JPG or PDF files
  • Documents are processed on the phone, not sent to a third-party server
Wondering how our users use Genius Scan?
  • To quickly scan a form you just printed when you don’t have a scanner 
  • At the university, to take a picture of a whiteboard 
  • On the road, to archive receipts and send them to Expensify 
  • To make a copy when you have no copier available 
  • To archive handwritten notes or share them with colleagues 
  • Save the perfect recipe after cooking 
  • Save handwritten memos, or book pages for future reference 
  • Share a good restaurant menu on Twitter
What's in this version : (Updated : Sep 26, 2012 )
  • Lots of changes in UI
  • Possibility to use app in landscape mode
  • When exporting, last file format and target app are proposed by default
  • Lots of bug fixes
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :

Download : 6.5Mb APK

Proximity Screen Off Pro 5.1 APK

Want to feel what gestures can do? Here's an application which will let!

Proximity Screen Off Pro
Screen On/Off Using gestures:
☀ Flip cover mode
☀ Swipe Mode
☀ Cover & Hold

Want to feel what gestures can do? Here's an application which will let
you turn off/on your screen just with a swipe!! Swipe your hand over the proximity sensor (Located near the earpiece on top of the phone).

  • Pocket/Flip or Smart Cover Mode: Turns screen OFF when sensor covered and ON when uncovered. (Feature requested by Galaxy Note users)
  • Swipe to Screen Off: Turn OFF the screen by sliding your hand 
  • Cover to Screen Off: Turn OFF the screen by Covering the sensor for a duration of time (Cover and Hold)
  • Cover to Screen On: Turn ON the screen by Covering the sensor for a duration of time (Cover and Hold) - Note: This can cause Battery Drain
  • Ignore Apps list: Add the apps/games where you want to disable the service 
  • Widget: to start and stop the service 
  • ScreenOff shortcut: to turn off the screen by launching the app. 
  • Sensor Configuration : Based on your device select the sensor of your choice, or the one that's available and configure their values, as they are different for different devices. 
  • Enable screen on/off during calls only
  • Disable call handling completely
  • De-Activate sensors after timeout
  • Override power button and screen-on by other apps (Phone is in pocket and you get a call or you accidentally press the power button, screen will remain off)
  • Prevent accidental screen on
  • Disable accidental lock - in Swipe to Screen Off mode if the sensor is covered for longer than specified duration screen wont turn off 
  • Vibration on screen On/Off
  • Removing/Uninstalling the app
    • Launch ProximityScreenOff Pro and click Uninstall button 
    • System Settings , "Locations & Security" or just "Security" , Select Device Administrators and disable the ScreenOff App
  • App needs Device Administrator privilege to lock the screen, If you have any questions on permissions used by the app, please send me an email and i will explain you the reason app needs them.
  • To enable lock screen - Use option "Locks phone on screenOn" under "All settings"
Tested On:
Galaxy Note, S2, S3, Tab, Htc OneX, HD2, Desire HD, Google Nexus,
Motorolla Xoom(Light Sensor), DROID Incredible

What's in this version : (Updated : Sep 26, 2012)
  • Tried to fix the screen off issue where screen turns on immediately after screen off, Use "Alternate method to screen off". If you have issues please email me.
  • Fixed typos
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :

Download : 620Kb APK

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