Order & Chaos Online v1.1.4 APK

The only true real-time, full-3D MMORPG on Android: Join thousands of players.!

Order & Chaos Online v1.1.4play.google.com.gameloft.GloftMMHM
The only true real-time, full-3D MMORPG on Android: Join thousands of players.
Order and Chaos Online is the only true real-time, full-3D MMORPG on Android: Join thousands of players.

Finally a true real-time, full-3D MMORPG comes to the Android: Explore a vast heroic fantasy world and join thousands of players in this massively multiplayer online experience that pushes the boundaries of epic!

  • Use the advanced character creation system to customize your hero:
  • 4 races available: Elves and Humans fight for Order, Orcs and Undead for Chaos. 
  • Choose your gender, appearance, class and talents. With over 1,000 skills and 2,000 pieces of equipment to discover, your adventure will not be over soon.
  • Create up to 4 different characters to play.
  • Make friends or enemies, trade, duel, communicate and more: a wide range of interactions makes each player a living part of this universe.
  • Join a party or guild to become stronger and coordinate with your teammates, or you can choose to adventure solo, interacting with other players peacefully or otherwise...
  • Travel through the most majestic settings - from dark forests to deserts, jungles, mountains and more - on foot or by magical means. 
  • Talk and interact with hundreds of characters to find over 500 quests to perform.
Be ready for some action with the famous iPhone game finally released for Android players. Fight many enemies and be ready to join & compete with iOS players in an upcoming update.

Enter the legend now!

What's in this version : (Updated : Oct 26, 2012)
  • New quests.
  • Free gift box for all players.
  • Thank-you letter.
  • Anniversary pet -> for +3-month players.
  • Fireworks -> visible in town + possible to buy.
  • Special clothes on NPCs (Non-Player Characters).
  • New items.
  • New pets.
  • 1 quiz mini-game in the capital.
  • New lottery system integrated. This may be your lucky day.
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :

Download : 3Mb APK

Cache file : Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 (685Mb)

Instructions : 
  1. Install APK
  2. Copy 'com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftMMHM' folder to 'sdcard/Android/obb'
  3. Launch the Game

Mist HD Apex / Nova Theme v1.0 APK

Mist HD Theme for Apex and Nova Launcher!

Mist HD Apex / Nova Themeplay.google.com.misthd
Mist HD Theme for Apex and Nova Launcher – This theme really stands out because of its elegant and classy bright colored icons. This theme gives a new look to your phone’s user interface.
  • 6 Beautiful HD Wallpapers
  • Matching Apex Skin
  • Customized Icons (More to be added in incremental updates)
If you need help or want to provide feedback, please email us atfeedback@photoxdesigns.com

Important tips:
  • Open App after installation and apply Apex Theme if you are using Apex Launcher or Apply Nova Theme if you are using Nova Launcher.
  • You can also Apply Wallpapers from the app.
  • This theme works with both Apex Launcher and Nova launcher.
  • The weather widget on screen belongs to Palmury Weather.Search “ Palmury Weather “ on Play Store to install.
Required Android O/S : 4.0+

Screenshots :

Download : 9Mb APK

Clock Tower 3D Live Wallpaper v1.01 APK

Clock Tower 3D Live Wallpaper: the moving gears of a stone clock tower!

Clock Tower 3D Live Wallpaper v1.01play.google.com.clock
A spectacular 3D live wallpaper with the moving gears of a stone clock tower! Light streams through the stained glass, illuminating the machinery! Features a fully 3D scene that works in both portrait and landscape orientation!

Select from different designs of glass and hands, modify the intensity of the light rays, camera speed, and more!

What's in this version : (Updated : Oct 24, 2012)
  • Fixed ray occlusion on some devices
  • No longer requires touchscreen
Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Screenshots :

Download : 4.4Mb APK

Silent Submarine Career v1.0.3 APK

Down Periscope! Surfacing! We're going to attack the enemy convoy!

Silent Submarine Career v1.0.3play.google.com.silentsubmarineconvoyhunter
Silent Submarine: Convoy hunter is a naval arcade game where you need to control a submarine and sink enemy ships of the convoy. Your boat is the last defender of the coast. Perform assigned tasks and earn experience points. Your glorious career will be rewarded with new ranks and general respect.

  • Single missions
  • Career game mode
  • 12 naval ranks in career mode
  • Highscores for a single missions
  • 10 different types of warships
  • 4 types of wrecks (obstacles while torpedo shooting)
  • 3 types of weather
  • Quick tips in the game
  • Ability to enable or disable the animation and music in the game (for weak devices)
  • Intelligent performance monitoring system (under the heavy CPU usage the device will automatically turn off some animation)
  • For a limited time you need to get the required number of points!
  • To launch torpedoes you need to be on the surface and click on the screen wherever you want direct it.
  • The larger the ship, the more you need to spend a torpedo to its destruction.
  • Damaged warships begin to shoot. click on the submarine to dive and you will be saved.
  • Monitor the boat health-level otherwise you can die prematurely.
  • Keep the number of torpedoes. reloading torpedoes takes some time.
  • The larger the ship, the more points you get for destroying it.
  • Once you earn the required points in the mission,\nthe remaining bonus points are multiplied by two!
Good luck to you in battle!

Advantages of the paid version:
  • no adverising
  • enabled career mode, you can earn experience points and gets the marine ranks from recruit to admiral!
What's in this version : (Updated : Oct 25, 2012)
  • Improved "Intelligent performance monitoring system".
  • Improved points calculation.
  • Added lifeboats from sunken ships. Small engine changes.
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots : 

Download : 8Mb APK

White Noise v4.2.6 APK

Relax. Sleep Better. Feel Better. Download White Noise and sleep great!

White Noise v4.2.6play.google.com.whitenoise.full
White Noise has 40 ambient sounds to help you relax or sleep. Audio background service, sound shutoff timer, multiple alarms, sound controls, and high quality looping sounds like ocean waves, rain storms, running stream, and more. Recommended by Health Magazine and Washington Post. Find out why the world is sleeping better!

  • 40 perfectly looped ambient sleep sounds
  • Download new sounds for free at our White Noise Market (http://whitenoisemarket.com/)
  • Background audio allows you to listen while using other apps
  • Quick access to your favorite sounds
  • Sound shutoff timer to save battery (volume slowly fades out)
  • Alarm clock with multiple alarm sounds
  • Full screen LED digital clock perfect for any nightstand
  • Alarm slowly fades volume in so you wake up refreshed 
  • No Ads
Includes the following unique sounds:

Air Conditioner, Airplane, Amazon, Beach Waves, Boat, Cars, Cat Purring, Chimes, City Streets, Clock, Clothes Dryer, Crickets, Crowd, Drip, Fan, Fire, Frogs, Hair Dryer, Heartbeat, Blue Noise, Brown Noise, Pink Noise, Violet Noise, White Noise, Ocean Waves, Car Rain, Light Rain, Heavy Rain, Extreme Rain, Rain Storm, Shower, Sprinkler, Stream, Tibetan Bowl, Thunder, Train, Vacuum, Washer, Water, Wind

As always your positive reviews and feedback keep the free updates coming! Think someone would like White Noise? Just click the Web Info button and then Share to let them know.

What's in this version : (Updated : Oct 26, 2012)
  • Improvements to memory usage
  • Improvements to layout on larger screens
  • Stopping audio when headsets are unplugged has been moved to a user setting. It is enabled by default
  • Fixed a minor alarm layout issue
  • As per user request, if a headset is unplugged while audio is playing it will now stop
  • Fixed theme issue some users reported
Required Android O/S : 1.5+

Screenshots :

Download : 15Mb APK

Crazy Snowboard Pro v1.1.4 APK

Intense 3D snowboarding action! 30 missions! 24 riders and boards! 16 grabs!

Crazy Snowboard Pro v1.1.4play.google.com.SnowPro
Intense 3D snowboarding action! 30 missions! 24 riders and boards! 16 grabs!
The #1 mobile snowboard game in the world with more than 15 million players! Now compatible with Moga Controllers and XPERIA PLAY optimized!

This Pro version of Crazy Snowboard has no ads and includes 11 additional boards and riders to unlock. 

  • No ads
  • 11 new bonus boards and riders, including "The Ninja"!
  • Eye-popping 3D graphics
  • "WiFi Remote" control
  • 30 missions
  • 24 different riders
  • 24 boards
  • 16 touch-activated in-air tricks
  • Smashable obstacles: zombies, snowmen, elves!
  • Intuitive controls
  • In-air trick system
  • XPERIA PLAY optimized
  • Compatible with Moga Controllers
NEW: Use your phone as a game controller for your Tablet using the new "WiFi Remote" feature!!

Note: Please try the free version of "Crazy Snowboard" before purchasing to make sure it is compatible with your device!

TROUBLESHOOTING: If you’re having trouble installing, try saving to internal phone memory first. To do this, unmount your SD card and download the game. Then remount your SD card and move the game to the SD card.

What's in this version : (Updated : Oct 25, 2012)
  • Hires icon for XPERIA PLAY launcher
  • Note: If you don't have a Moga Controller you can skip this update.
  • Thanks for all the 5-star ratings! Your positive feedback keeps the free updates coming. 'Like' our Facebook page http://facebook.com/ezonecom for hints, tricks and free stuff. If you are enjoying Crazy Snowboard, make sure you check out our latest free Android game "Diversion": http://ezone.com/android/d
Required Android O/S : 2.0.1+

Screenshots :

Download : 25.5Mb APK

Apex Launcher Pro v1.3.3 APK

Powerful, fast, and highly customizable home replacement for Android 4.0+!

Apex Launcher Pro v1.3.3play.google.com.launcher
Powerful, fast, and highly customizable home replacement for Android 4.0+.
Apex Launcher helps you create a customized homescreen experience on your Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) device.

  • Customizable homescreen grid size and up to 9 homescreens
  • Scrollable dock with up to 7 icons per page and up to 5 pages
  • Infinite & elastic scrolling (homescreen, drawer and dock)
  • Fancy transition effects (tablet, cube, etc.)
  • Hide elements as you want (persistent search bar, status bar, or even the dock)
  • Customizable icons and labels for shortcuts and folders
  • Choose different folder preview styles and background
  • Multiple drawer styles (transparent/opaque, horizontal/vertical, paginated/continuous)
  • Drawer apps sorting (title, install date, mostly used)
  • Hide apps from the drawer
  • Lock your desktop to prevent accidental changes
  • Enjoy homescreen gestures (pinch, swipe up/down, double tap)
  • Advanced theme engine (icon packs, skins, etc.)
  • Backup/restore settings and data
  • Optimized for both phones and tablets
  • Lots of other customization options!
Pro Features:
  • Multiple configurable drawer tabs
  • Unread count notifications
  • Dock swipe gestures
  • Two finger gestures
  • More transition effects
  • ADW, LauncherPro, and Go Launcher theme support
  • Batch add option for folders
  • Option to merge folder contents
  • Widgets in dock (1x1 only)
  • Overlapping widgets
  •  More features on the way!
Due to limitations of the Android framework, you won't be able to add widgets from the app drawer without root access. If your device is rooted, please enable the Root Helper via Settings > Advanced settings > Enable Root Helper.

  • Pinch the screen to access screen previews (like Exposé or HTC Sense).
  • Long press an icon to drag and drop it over another one to create a folder.
  • Long press icons/folders on the desktop and choose edit from the popup menu to customize icons and labels.
  • Drag, hover, and drop app icons over the delete button at the top of the screen to quickly uninstall apps.
  • Long press an app in the hide apps list to quickly launch that app.
  • Switch to single screen wallpaper mode to fix wallpaper zooming issues.
  • Enable the Root Helper in advanced settings (root required) to add widgets from the drawer.
What's in this version : (Updated : Oct 10, 2012)
  • Merged changes from AOSP 4.1.2
  • Added drawer margin option
  • Added dock swipe feedback animation (pro)
  • Added bring-to-front/send-to-back for overlapping widgets (pro)
  • Misc. bugfixes
  • Updated translations
Required Android O/S : 4.0+

Screenshots :

Download : 3Mb APK

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