Wild Blood v1.0.9 APK

Live the unforgettable journey of Sir Lancelot as you never have before!

Wild Bloodplay.google.com.GloftWBHM
Gameloft has harnessed the power of the revolutionary Unreal Engine to bring unimaginable battles in real-time, full-3D graphics.
Live the unforgettable journey of Sir Lancelot as you never have before!

King Arthur has gone mad, fueled by his jealousy toward Lancelot for romancing his wife, Queen Guinevere. In his desperation, Arthur has been tricked by his sister, the all-powerful sorceress Morgana Le Fey, to open the Hellgate and allow all forms of demons to enter the world. Meanwhile, Morgana has captured Guinevere and holds her hostage on the magical island of Avalon.

Now Lancelot needs to confront King Arthur and the evil Morgana in order to free the world from these evil creatures and save Guinevere.
The time for Sir Lancelot to face his destiny is now!

  • Amazing real-time, full-3D graphics with special effects powered by Unreal Technology.
  • Epic fights full of impressive enemies and stunning special powers.
  • Become the legendary and brutal Sir Lancelot. Fight off the legions of Hell and challenge the mighty King Arthur, who has been enchanted by Morgana.
  • Travel across 10 breathtaking levels on your journey to Avalon with the help of Sir Gawain of the Knights of the Round Table.
  • Face 20 different enemies including epic bosses.
  • Wield a wide range of weapons from axes and long bows, to your powerful great sword.
  • Enjoy intense, spectacular and gory combat with both melee and ranged battles.
  • Explore fascinating environments and solve puzzles to reach hidden locations.
  • Have fun with up to 5 friends in the impressive Team Deathmatch (3 vs. 3) and Capture the Flag modes.
  • Connect with your Gameloft LIVE! friends and compare your scores on the leaderboard.
  • Local (Wi-Fi) & online modes available.
What's in this version: (Updated : Nov 12, 2012)
  • Minor bug fixes.
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :

Download : 22Mb APK

- Thanks to djeman -
SD data: Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 (609Mb)
This is extracted data from main.107.obb + patch.109.obb files 
    Instructions : (Non-Root / Offline)
    1. Install APK
    2. Rename 'GloftWBHM' folder to 'files' and move to 'sdcard/Android/data/com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftWBHM/'
    3. Launch the Game (run online@ 1st run)
    *  This release does not use Obb files. So you can save 1G memory in your sdcard.

    Aviation 3D - Light Plane v1.0.3 APK

    Real 3D flight for your home screen!

    Aviation 3D - Light Planeplay.google.com.aviation3d.lightplane
    Experience the exhilaration of true 3D flight right in your hands. This live wallpaper uses full OpenGL rendering for the highest quality 3D graphics possible on your latest generation Android device.

    Rotate around your plane as you navigate through your home screens. Pitch your plane up and down using the accelerometer. Options allow you to customize the camera behavior and flight experience from clear skies to cloudy days.

    TO USE:
    HOME >> MENU >> Wallpapers >> Live Wallpapers >> Aviation 3D - Light Plane

    What's in this version : (Updated : Nov 12, 2012)
    • Reworked cloud generation
    • Added balloons
    • Added gradient to sky
    Required Android O/S : 2.2+

    Screenshots :

    Download : 1.5Mb APK

    The Battery Pro v1.01 APK

    Only battery you will ever need!

    The Battery Proplay.google.com.thebatterypro
    Application is new and there is many updates coming. If you encounter any bugs or have a feature email us, don't post problem in comments because we won't be able to contact you.
    We will try to answer all your questions and solve problems you have.

    Manage your battery with style and efficiency.
    Fully customizable widgets HD quality and stylish battery indicator for your android device.
    Get estimates for battery life and battery charge time.
    Toggle system functions (sound,wifi,bluetooth,gps,data,...) all on one place to reduce your battery drain.

    Application is optimized and uses very little battery, test with other application to check battery use in background.

    • battery level indicator in notification bar with battery life and charge estimate, power source status
    • home screen widgets (1x1) HD quality (tablets supported) - displays level or temperature with level
    • widget (1x2) displaying estimates and battery level
    • widget 1x4 with battery level, life and charge remaining also displaying system toggles status
    • change orientation, frames, liquid, liquid color, opacity, orientation, background transparency
    • battery information
    • battery level graph (levels for last 15 changes)
    • system togglers (wifi, bluetooth, gps, data syncronization, data traffic, device orientation, airplane mode, brightness, sound)
    • custom brightness level (set your own values for toggle)
    • motorola 10% fix (use only on motorola devices if you have wrong battery level displayed)
    Important information & FAQ:
    • this app is tested only for stock android systems and should work from FROYO 2.2 and up
    • togglers might not work on each device and there is no way we could test that (over 2000 devices)
    • togglers gps and data need root or converting to system application, depends of device. If there is enough privileges application will toggle directly those options otherwise 
    • it will open screen where to change it manually
    • to convert application to system application use tool like Titanium backup
    • application displays ads but when application runs in background there is no traffic exchange by internet so ads do not have any significant impact on battery level
    • make sure you just use motorola fix if you have wrong readings for battery levels, otherwise application might become laggy and increase battery drain
    What's in this version : (Updated : Nov 12, 2012)
    • Fixed bugs
    Required Android O/S : 2.2+

    Screenshots :

    Download : 5.6Mb APK

    RAM Manager Pro v4.2.0 APK


    RAM Manager Pro play.google.com.RAMOptimization
    This application optimizes the RAM of all android devices and gives you better performance. We tested and we're still testing the best RAM balance which makes your system as fast as possible. This application improves perfomance of your device in all directions.


    Switching between applications is very fast, your system will be smoother then ever before. You can fully use your multitasking and you still have as much memory as you need.

    • Balance - Option which makes your RAM to the best optimization, this option is for everyday using. Use this option when you want to have fast phone without lags.
    • Balance (More free memory) - This option is nearly the same as Balance, but this option should be advantageous for users who have more RAM than 512 MB. This option gives you more free memory but a bit reduces multitasking.
    • Balance (More multitasking) - This option is nearly the same as Balance, but this option should be advantageous for users who have less RAM than 512 MB. This option gives you more multitasking, but a bit reduces free memory.
    • Hard Gaming - Option which stabilizes your RAM for playing hardest games. Use this option for games which lag on your phone. Your games will run smooth without lags.
    • Hard Gaming (Less aggressive) - This option is similar to Hard Gaming but should be better for devices with RAM lesser than 512MB.
    • Hard Multitasking - Option for users which are really hard working on their phones. You can have a lot of running apps and quickly switch between them without lags.
    • Default (Samsung) - Default settings by Samsung, these settings are also used by LG, HTC, etc.
    • Default (Nexus S) - Default settings which are used by all Google devices.
    • Default - This option reverts your RAM to your default settings, which you had before you installed this app.
    • Lock launcher in memory
    • VM Heap size
    • Memory info
    • Free memory meter
    • Charging limit (only works on some kernels)
    • Widget
    • Chosen option is automatically set on each reboot.
    • You can easily switch between all options without rebooting.
    This application is the best solution for all who have problem with free memory, with multitasking, with slow swapping between applications or with slow performance of your device. I recommend to use this application to everybody who wants have better phone, because this application increases speed of your phone and other parameters which depend on RAM.

    What's in this version : (Updated : Nov 12, 2012)
    • Added set on boot option
    Required Android O/S : 2.1+

    Screenshots :

    Download : 125Kb APK

    Expendable Rearmed v1.0.2 APK

    Classic arcade action shooter , addictive gameplay brought up to date!

    Expendable Rearmedplay.google.com.expendablerearmed
    For the last 500 years, among the bleak and barren worlds that exist in deep space, mankind has expanded its horizons. The most suitable planets and moons near Earth have been terraformed, turning the once-inhospitable wastelands into habitable places.

    Deeper and deeper into the universe mankind spread itself, until only a mere handful of humans would or could survive the journey. These distant worlds became industrial powerhouses colonized by few human beings. Although they had to forego the comforts of home, they still managed to scratch out a living in the newly-fertile lands.

    For all he knew, man was alone in the vastness of space, until they came...
    The G'neng.

    You are given control of a clone army of Expendable units, dropped in one by one, rearmed to battle for the last human settlements which have been overrun by the G'neng, a malevolent bio-mechanical alien race.

    You start close to home, on the front line of the invasion, and make your way across the galaxy through colonies which have been in the hands of the enemy for longer and longer, until you reach the enemy home-world.

    or to put it simply...

    Attack the G'NENG and kill them all. Relentless waves of aliens in a fight to the death

    Nearly everything can be blown up. Large detailed worlds ready to be destroyed.
    Beautifully rendered destruction effects, have never made destruction so satisfying

    You will never believe your phone or tablet could ever do this.

    Bored of waiting for your games to load between levels. EXPENDABLE REARMED uses our unique streaming technology to all but remove loading times

    Loads of weapons including, Flame Throwers, Mini-Guns, Phantasm orbs, Alien weapons, SpiraCannons, Heat seaking missiles and the almighty railgun, all with 5 levels of powerups. Grenades too... including the insane destruction of the nuke-grenade.

    All the original sound effects and music

    Just like the old arcades... dont just be best in your town, be best in the world. Download and use the SCORELOOP app to put your name up in lights.

    Some all new effects tuned for TEGRA hardware
    Have bragging rights with your new NEXUS hardware.

    Compatible with and runs well with all popular chipsets.
    Tegra3 , Snapdragon, Adreno, Mali and SGX hardware.

    What's in this version: (Updated on : Nov 12, 2012)
    • Launch version 1.0.2 ( Hotfix )
    • Another manifest permission issue resoloved. ( based on user feedback )
    • Launch version 1.0.1 ( Hotfix )
    • Removed some un-needed permissions
    • Doesn't request GPS information ( based on user requests )
    • Only requests needed phone state information.
    • Control sensitivity 'default' changed ( based on user feedback )
    • Allows to be copied to SD card / reduced memory footprint.
    Required Android O/S : 2.2+

    Screenshots :

    Download : 46Mb APK

    OfficeSuite Pro 6 + (PDF & HD) v6.5.1010 APK

    View, Edit, Print and Share your office documents on the go !

    OfficeSuite Pro 6 + (PDF & HD) play.google.com.office_registered
    Create, view, edit, print and share Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and attachments and view PDF files on your Android based phone with a single complete feature-rich mobile office solution. Now also on Android Honeycomb.

    The software utilizes the most commonly used desktop document formats and also includes a File Browser and integration with Google Docs, DropBox, Box and SugarSync to help you manage your local, remote files and email attachments. OfficeSuite Pro is an essential productivity application offering greater office efficiency than ever anywhere, anytime.

    OfficeSuite 6 New Features:
    • Page view for Word and other text documents
    • Headers and footers in Word documents
    • Page numbering in text documents
    • Editing in PowerPoint Slide View for even faster slide changing
    • Objects manipulation in PowerPoint files – move, resize, rotate
    • Filters in Excel so you can quickly and effectively handle your data
    • Significantly increased number of functions in Excel – OfficeSuite now offers the richest choice of 240 unique functions
    • Improved cell selection in spreadsheets
    • SugarSync compatibility so you can now access your remote files in SugarSync
    • Cursor adjustment in text documents
    • WordArt support in text documents
    • Optimized for Android 4.0
    OfficeSuite 5 New Features:
    • Completely redesigned and improved user interface and experience
    • Recent Files and My documents shortcuts in the File Browser allowing more efficient access to documents
    • Filters in the file browser to help you quickly access files from selected format
    • Intuitive toolbars added in the File Browser, the document and spreadsheet modules
    • Two pane user interface on Android 3.0 Honeycomb devices
    • Support for EML and RTF file formats
    • Direct Save of text documents in Google Docs
    • Email reader module allowing you to work with EML Outlook files
    OfficeSuite is the selected office productivity application by a number of manufacturers and has been preloaded on over 20 million devices worldwide by manufacturers as Sony Ericsson, Alcatel, FoxConn, Pandigital, Olivetti and many others.

    OfficeSuite consists of several software modules that share the same look and feel, and allow you to view, create and modify office document on the go:
    • File browser
    • Text document module 
    • Spreadsheet module
    • Presentation module
    • PDF Reader
    • Email reader
    File Formats
    • Text formats - Microsoft Office 97 to 2010 text documents - DOC and DOCX, RTF, TXT, LOG
    • Spreadsheets -Microsoft Office 97 to 2010 spreadsheets - XLS, XLSX and CSV * Presentations - Microsoft Office 97 to 2010 presentations - PPT, PPTX, PPS and PPSX
    • Other formats - PDF, EML, ZIP
    • View Attachments and Share Documents
    • Easily open email attachments
    • Work with Outlook EML files 
    • Upload documents in Google Docs
    • Share documents via Email or Bluetooth
    OfficeSuite is the only mobile office for Android that allows opening of password protected documents.

    Language Support
    English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Swedish, Russian and Korean

    What's in this version : (Updated : Oct 22, 2012)
    • Optimized 7" tablets UI
    • 6.5 New Features:
    • Print - print documents with Google Cloud Print or previously installed third party printer
    • Convert your text documents to PDF files
    • Spell-check (based on Google ICS spell-check)
    • New supported formats - opening of XLSM, PPTM, PPSM and DOCM formats
    • Thumbnail preview in Slideshow mode
    • Animated Slideshow support
    • Embedded images & charts (in Excel module)
    • Compatible with Microsoft SkyDrive
    • WiFi Direct support
    Required Android O/S : 1.6+

    Screenshots :

    Download : 16.2Mb APK

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