Tadeo Jones: Train Crisis Pro v1.2 APK

Discover the adventures of Tadeo Jones with Train Crisis!

Tadeo Jones: Train Crisis Proplay.google.com.tadeojonespro
Tadeo Jones, a mason dreamer who is mistaken for a famous archaeologist, will have to help their friends in four amazing expeditions: Chicago, Machu Picchu, Nazca and Paititi.

Join the adventure and guide Tadeo through 40 levels to accomplish his mission overcoming all the obstacles that Kopponen and his troops will put in his way.

With the help of his faithful dog Jeff, Tadeo will drive the train towards various destinations. Tadeo will have to make some stops on his way to get superCookies or pick up his friends in order to get the best score possible.

Enjoy playing with your favourite characters! Relive the magic of the film in this new version that keeps the gameplay of the original and the graphics HD which create the perfect adventurous spirit in full 3D environment.

The game supports the following languages: English, Spanish. Coming soon French and Catalan.

Next stop ... Discover it in Tadeo Jones Train Crisis!

  • 4 expeditions available: Chicago, Machu Picchu, Nazca and Paititi. 
  • 40 levels available 
  • Addictive gameplay and increasing in level of difficulty. 
  • Two points and star rankings 
  • Extra levels to unlock with stars. 
  • Spectacular High-definition 3D environments 
  • Interaction with several elements to get past the level: changing junctions; timed traffic lights; trap tunnels; Odysseus’ trains; Shops; rocks to blow up with dynamite. 
  • pectacular colourful graphics. 
  • Interactive Tutorial. 
  • Available in two languages: English, Spanish. 
  • Original Music from the film and 3D sound. Sound effects in real time depending on where elements are located in the screen and different music for each world. 
  • Tadeo Jones Train Crisis has been developed with Unity3D, the most optimized game engine for mobile device.
Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Screenshots :

Download : 46Mb APK

Snowflake Pro Live Wallpaper v1.0.0 APK

Beautiful falling snowflakes for the Christmas and winter seasons!

Snowflake Pro Live Wallpaperplay.google.com.snowflakepro
Snowflake live wallpaper, beautiful falling snowflakes for the Christmas and winter snow seasons. Enjoy the snowfall!

  • Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers
It is live wallpaper so you can't open the app, you will need to follow the instruction above in order to set the wallpaper. Also slower/older devices (shipped with Android OS below 2.1) can't run it too, currently it has been tested on Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy S3 so any mobile devices that is equivalent to them should run fine.

If you have put the app on SD card and restarted the phone, the wallpaper will reset to default since the system couldn't find the app first.

Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Screenshots :

Download : 730Kb APK

Galaxy S3 Theme v3.2 APK

Check out the Official Galaxy S III Apex Launcher Theme. Available Now!

Galaxy S3 Theme play.google.com.apex.galaxys3
This theme is the first of its kind and features All the High Res (96x96) Stock Icons from the Galaxy S3 as well as the Galaxy S2, Stock 720p HD Wallpapers and Extra (43) loaded in a standalone wallpaper applier, TouchWiz UX App Drawer Style and All apex images changed to S3 White color and even Folder Icon & BG's match the device as well.


Applying Themes Using Launcher
  • Open Launcher
  • Click the Theme of your choice "Apply Apex Theme" or Apply Nova Theme"
  • Click "Apply" for Apex and Click "OK" for Nova
Apply Using Apex Launcher
  1. Download and install Apex Launcher
  2. Hit Menu from home and click "Theme Settings"
  3. Click "Look And Feel"
  4. Click "Icon Theme"
  5. Choose "Galaxy S3 Theme"
  6. Press OK
Apply Using Nova Launcher
  • Please Use Launcher to Apply Theme
Best Look and Feel Recommendations
  • Turn App Drawer transparency to 15-20 or so, This makes it look more like TouchWiz 5
  • Keep Stock Backgrounds (There are only 5 GS3 Official wallpapers)
  • If GS3 Icon's don't show for your STOCK Apps (Email,Contact, etc)
  • Press and hold the icon, Click "Edit", Click the Icon, press "Select from icon packs", choose "Galaxy S3 Apex Theme" and find the icon needed.
  • 4.Email me with any Feedback or Recommendations, I actually respond to emails and will update the app on good recommendations or BUG Fixes.
What's in this version : (Updated : Dec 26, 2012)
  • (Now theme can be applied from Nova manually, instead of using theme's launcher button)
Required Android O/S : 4.0+

Screenshots :

Download : 20Mb APK

Acceler8 Pro v1.14 APK

Off-road racing just got awesome !

Acceler8 Pro play.google.com.acceler8full
From the developer who brought MiniSquadron to Android, Acceler8 is an action-packed off-road racing game. Not for the faint-hearted, this adrenaline-fueled racer will push your driving skills to the limit! Release your inner speed demon!
This is a full version of the game. If you have upgraded the trial version previously, you do not need to buy this.

  • 13 tracks in multiple locations (with more to be added in the future) 
  • 3 different race modes - Race against the clock, the AI, or your friends.
  • Brand new wi-fi multiplayer for up to 4 players (beta)
  • Stunning 3d visuals!
  • Online leader-boards so you can compete with players across the globe.
  • Huge, open, environments. Drive wherever you want!
  • Collect prize money by winning races, and use it to upgrade to faster and better vehicles.
  • Multiple control options, with support for Zeemote bluetooth controllers.
  • Optimized for both phones and tablets.
Gray Fin Studios intends to actively develop Acceler8 by releasing updates, downloadable content, and new features (including multiplayer). We listen to all feedback about our games, and this helps determine what that new content and features will be... So let us know what you think!

What's in this version : (Updated : Dec 12, 2012)
  • Fix multiplayer crashes
  • Added "flipped" thumbstick control system (stick on right)
  • Global leaderboard now accessible in-game
  • UI improvements
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :

Download : 30Mb APK

Archos Video Player v6.0.19 APK

ARCHOS makes Video Player app available for all Android tablets and phones!

Archos Video Playerplay.google.com.archos.video
The critically acclaimed Archos video player app offers an uncompromised multimedia experience.
  • Hardware accelerated video decoding support for most devices and video formats;
  • Ability to play content from any computer/network storage in your local network (SMB and UPnP) or from an external USB storage device;
  • Automatic online retrieval of Movie and TV show information with poster and backdrop for both local and network content;
  • Integrated subtitle downloader;
  • Network indexing: import remote shared folders (SMB) in your multimedia library;
  • Video browsing with either folder or library based navigation;
  • Ubiquitous access to TV shows sorted in a series/season/episode hierarchical view;
  • Multi-device network video resume;
  • TV friendly: Keyboard/remote control compatible.
If you experience any issue with video hardware decoding you can force software decoding in Archos Video Player application settings to watch your video.

What's in this version : (Updated : Dec 21, 2012)
  • Fix for some UPNP servers (Freebox Revolution, ushare, ..)
  • Improve support of Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note
Required Android O/S : 4.0.3+

Screenshots :

Download : 6.6Mb APK

FTL Launcher Pro v3.1.5 APK

FTL Launcher - Break all rules, go Faster Than Light !

FTL Launcher Pro play.google.com.ftllauncher
New and Important: Supports all resolutions and ICS, but only 800x480, 854x480, 960x540 and 480x320 devices have 3D drawer enabled! Also ICS has no 3D drawer because it does not contain the "old" opengl interface. But as it is natively accelerated anyway, 2D drawer should be fast.

Make no mistake, this is the fastest launcher you'll ever run. Small, light, configurable. The Gingerbread launcher as it should have been.
Now including configurable homsecreen grid from 4x4 to 6x6, resizeable widgets, and, never seen in any launcher: control over core Android window animation speed.

No useless stuff, no compromises. Performance and usability are the driving forces here.

  • Based on Gingerbread Launcher2 source code tweaked for extreme speed
  • Fully accelerated 3D Waterfall app drawer
  • Normal 2D app drawer
  • Choice between 3 and 5 icon Dock
  • Configurable support for launcher auto-rotation
  • Configurable number of homescreens: from 1 to 9
  • Configurable default homescreen
  • Configurable transition speed of homescreens
  • Configurable bounce effect on homescreen transitions
  • Configurable Homescreen grid: From 4 to 6 rows, and 4 to 6 columns (must restart FTL for changes to take effect!)
  • Hide/show icon titles on homescreen shortcuts
  • Configurable Dock icons size
  • Configurable infinite looping of homescreens
  • Configurable wallpaper scrolling
  • Configurable support for scrollable widgets
  • Swipe to action: Configurable "swipe up" to open drawer
  • Swipe to action: Configurable "swipe down" to pull notification bar
  • Includes anim speed: precise control over core Android windows/transition animation speed
  • Configurable support for resizeable widgets: only when adding them to the homescreen, you cannot edit them later.
Basic Instructions:
  • On first boot, homescreens will be empty. Long-press anywhere and start adding stuff!
  • You can add/change the shortcuts on the dock bar: Long-press the place you want, and wait for the a poput to show up, allowing you to choose what activity you want there.
  • You can uninstall apps directly from the homescreen: long press the shortcut (even in the app drawer), drag it to the trash can that appears where the dock was. If you drop it immediately FTL will only remove the shortcut, but if you wait a bit before droping, FTL will offer to uninstall the app.
What's in this version : (Updated : Dec 15 2012)
  • Android Jellybean 4.2.X bugfix
  • Small optimizations
Required Android O/S : 4.1+

Screenshots :

Download : 610Kb APK

SiliBili v1.0.5 APK

In a galaxy far, far away called Sibull... There was peace and harmony until it was invaded by dragons.!

Nobody would believe that the immensity of the universe was created based on 5 elements (faith, courage, freedom, wisdom and love) and God has created every living creature on it from water.

Like any living space, Sibull requires of these 5 elements to maintain the stay of its own citizens to a life of peace and harmony.

A lack of one of these elements or all, Sibull residents have suffered drastic changes in the functioning of their body, they lost the harmony and can not love, laugh and enjoy the life. They live in the hope that one day everything will be as before.

Sili and Bili, two friends with little anatomy but with radiant courage, took the hard work from the exciting journey of finding the 5 elements. It will not be easy, nonconformities are endless. Dragons of different civilizations, radioactive plants, misleading roads, powerful leaders are just some of the many obstacles that impede constantly our characters to deposit the stones (elements) in the sacred place. Doing so, the binding energy of these five stones will give pass to the next level, which complexity does not equal the previous.

Infiltrate to the exciting quest!

Features :
  • 3D Action-Adventure game with beautiful graphics!
  • 2 Characters (Sili and Bili)
  • 2 Planets (Jungull & Magmull)
  • 7 Islands (Levels) in each planet
  • 2 Bonus levels in each planet
  • 8 Different Dragons plus 6 Boss Dragons
  • 14 Upgradable Equipment (Hammers and Shields)
  • Hidden items, puzzle pieces and other surprises are found all through the planets
  • Every level offers new fun and new challenges
  • Hours of gameplay
What's in this version : (Updated : Dec 26, 2012)
  • Spanish support added.
  • More languages coming soon!
  • Screen adjustment for diverse smartphones
  • Minor bugs fix
  • Appcrash on smartphones is solved
  • Performance improvement
Required Android O/S : 2.3.3+

Screenshots :

Download : 110Mb (APK+OBB)

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