MONOPOLY Millionaire v1.6.2 APK


MONOPOLY Millionaire [NA]
FIRST TO A MILLION WINS! Enjoy a fast, fresh take on the classic MONOPOLY game. Do you have the drive to be a MONOPOLY Millionaire?

Trade properties on the sly, force powerful land-grabbing deals, and risk it all – in a private jettin’, yacht clubbin’ dash for a million in cash.

Bling out your phone with an exclusive MONOPOLY Millionaire live wallpaper – for FREE!

  • Zoom past wannabes in the fastest MONOPOLY experience ever! 
  • Purchase palatial Dreamland Properties like Bling Beach and Paradise Island
  • Splurge on upgradable Movers – show friends how hot you roll!
  • Test your moneymaker with 3 difficulty modes
  • Get lucky! Fortune Cards can speed up your rise OR send you back to broke
Ready to feel like a million? GO for it!

What's in this version : (Updated : Jan 15, 2012)
  • GAME UPDATE AVAILABLE! Download now for the best game experience yet!
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :

Download : 282Mb (APK+OBB)

Apex Launcher Pro v1.4.1 APK

Powerful, fast, and highly customizable home replacement for Android 4.0+!

Apex Launcher Pro
Powerful, fast, and highly customizable home replacement for Android 4.0+.
Apex Launcher helps you create a customized homescreen experience on your Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) device.

  • Customizable homescreen grid size and up to 9 homescreens
  • Scrollable dock with up to 7 icons per page and up to 5 pages
  • Infinite & elastic scrolling (homescreen, drawer and dock)
  • Fancy transition effects (tablet, cube, etc.)
  • Hide elements as you want (persistent search bar, status bar, or even the dock)
  • Customizable icons and labels for shortcuts and folders
  • Choose different folder preview styles and background
  • Multiple drawer styles (transparent/opaque, horizontal/vertical, paginated/continuous)
  • Drawer apps sorting (title, install date, mostly used)
  • Hide apps from the drawer
  • Lock your desktop to prevent accidental changes
  • Enjoy homescreen gestures (pinch, swipe up/down, double tap)
  • Advanced theme engine (icon packs, skins, etc.)
  • Backup/restore settings and data
  • Optimized for both phones and tablets
  • Lots of other customization options!
Pro Features:
  • Multiple configurable drawer tabs
  • Unread count notifications
  • Dock swipe gestures
  • Two finger gestures
  • More transition effects
  • ADW, LauncherPro, and Go Launcher theme support
  • Batch add option for folders
  • Option to merge folder contents
  • Widgets in dock (1x1 only)
  • Overlapping widgets
  •  More features on the way!
Due to limitations of the Android framework, you won't be able to add widgets from the app drawer without root access. If your device is rooted, please enable the Root Helper via Settings > Advanced settings > Enable Root Helper.

  • Pinch the screen to access screen previews (like Exposé or HTC Sense).
  • Long press an icon to drag and drop it over another one to create a folder.
  • Long press icons/folders on the desktop and choose edit from the popup menu to customize icons and labels.
  • Drag, hover, and drop app icons over the delete button at the top of the screen to quickly uninstall apps.
  • Long press an app in the hide apps list to quickly launch that app.
  • Switch to single screen wallpaper mode to fix wallpaper zooming issues.
  • Enable the Root Helper in advanced settings (root required) to add widgets from the drawer.
What's in this version : (Updated : Jan 15, 2013)
  • Added menu key long-press action
  • Added search and voice search Apex actions
  • Fixed a bug with icon resizing
  • Fixed GO UI 3.0 themes
  • Fixed root helper on x86
  • Misc fixes
  • Updated translations
Required Android O/S : 4.0+

Screenshots :

Download : 3Mb APK

TouchUp Pro - Photo Editor v2.8.5 APK

Maybe the easiest Photo Editor you'll ever use...

TouchUp Pro - Photo
Quick, clean User Interface lets you edit photos in a matter of seconds. In terms of ease of use, this is hands down the best Photo Editing application on Android today!

Optimized for all screen sizes, it runs great on a handset, and feels perfect with your Tablet device.

Gone are the clunky buttons, over-designed interfaces and boring menu's. We've created a simple, lightweight interface that gets out of your way and lets you work with ease.

Simple to use, but still powerful.

  • Load pictures from Camera or Library
  • Red Eye Removal
  • Pimple / Blemish Removal)
  • Sharpness / Blur
  • Contrast / Brightness 
  • Hue / Saturation 
  • Rotation / Flip 
  • Cropping 
  • Resize on Save
  • Unlimited Undo / Redo 
  • Extremely stable, no freezing/crashing
TouchUp Pro has a number of "1-click" effects:
  • Auto-Contrast
  • Auto Brightness
  • Vintage Photo
  • B & W 
  • Vignette 
  • Sepia 
  • Red Pop 
  • Dark Pop 
  • Deep Purple 
  • Green Tint 
  • High Contrast 
  • Low Saturation 
  • High Saturation
All effects are stackable. Combine them to make a ton of different looks.

We also offer a number of "Advanced Effects" which you can fine-tune:
  • Advanced Vignette
  • Advanced Vintage Photo
  • Advanced Sepia
  • RGB Channels
What's in this version : (Updated : Jan 7, 2013)
  • Increased save resolution to 8MP
  • Added pinch to zoom
  • Improved Cropping tool
  • Improved Red Eye tool
  • Improved Blemish Remover tool
  • Changed save format to JPG
  • No need to re-mount SD card on save
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :

Download : 13Mb APK

Battery Saver Du+Switch Widget APK

Do Xcellent. For your battery !

Battery Saver Du+Switch Widget
DX Battery Saver would dispel your worry of the dying battery and free you out of the life tangled by cables!
You deserve a prolonged battery! You can search & try our FREE version before purchase.

Major New Features
  • Revolutionary UI design of main page 
  • Brand new reform of those smart Widgets
  • Whole refactor of Settings page
  • One-key Diagnostic & Auto optimization upon the result
  • More manual optimization offered after diagnostic
PRO Features:
  • One-Key diagnostic, a unbelievable foolproof way of battery saving.
  • Intelligent mode-switching: e.g.
    • adjusted to Long Standby on low battery level;
    • go into your preset mode according to your schedule;
  • Healthy charging to extend battery life. (e.g. hints for charging or de-plugging the charger).
    • launch DX Battery Saver to start charging when battery lower than 20%.
    • At least 1 healthy charge to extend battery life .
  • Regularly closing power-draining tasks;
    • Set the interval of background tasks cleaning;
    • Need to leave some apps running background? Add them into ignore list.
  • Slow down CPU during screenlock; (ROOT devices only);

Classic features
  • 3 new powerful battery Widget s: 
    • One-tap optimizer (task killer widget)
    • NEW designed battery display & mode switch
    • premium ON/OFF switches;
  • It's an easy battery saver by using one-tap battery widget, and extend 15% more usage time by switching battery saving modes, also go with one-tap power widget.
  • Optimizing your battery use in 3 preset Modes: 
    • General Mode(Basic network function opened, meet normal battery saving needs);
    • Long Standby (Close all except dialing and SMS, prolong battery to the longest standby time);
    • Sleep Mode(Close all except clock, save battery a lot while sleeping);
  • Customize your own mode, setup whatever you prefer and find out the most suitable one!
  • Battery indicator, Battery Level in % in Status Bar, will turn to RED when < 20%;
  • Estimated report of the remaining time; 
  • Ringtone reminder for different battery status;
  • Always be a close secretary (or juice defender), reminding you to save more juice and have a 2x battery usage time.
  •  Most detailed analysis of power consumption, not just apps, but also the hardwares (CPU, screen, sensor, WiFi, radio), the most professional battery monitor (battery notifier) so far;
Unlike other battery saving app, DX Battery Saver provides a professional method of battery management by analyzing the power consumption of all the hardware modules, and above all, intelligent tools would be provided for extend battery usage. 

As a battery saver (a.k.a. battery booster / battery improver), it excels its peers!
    What's in this version: (Updated: Jan 15, 2013)
    • Our Battery Saver now have official brand "Du" !
    • Add: Portuguese, Indonesian language support;
    • Fixed: Unexpected error;
    Required Android O/S : 2.1+

    Screenshots :


    Download : 2.8Mb APK

    Tapatalk HD v1.0.1 APK

    Introducing Tapatalk HD for Android tablets!

    built specifically for the latest Android 4 Ice-cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean systems - you're getting a full tablet experience on forums with split views and other interface enhancement that works great on tablets with 7" or bigger screen.

    • New - Gallery view on bigger forums, discover new discussions by photos
    • New - Push Notification - instant notification of subscribed topics, private messages, likes received, mentioned, and more!
    • Portrait and Landscape view optimized
    • Dark and Light Mode
    • Forum Moderation - stick, open, close, delete, ban and more
    • Dark and Light themes
    • ...and all the features you would find from the already amazing Tapatalk Forum App for phone!

    What's in this version : (Updated : Jan 15, 2013)
    • add zoom feature for image full screen view.
    • fixed pagination issue
    • fixed some forum has blank post issue
    • fixed subscribe topic loading more issue
    • other bug fixes
    Required Android O/S : 3.0+

    Screenshots :


    Download : 3Mb APK

    RPG Eve of the Genesis HD v2.0.5 APK

    A simple and classic RPG!

    RPG Eve of the Genesis HD
    The clashes between humans and machines developed into a huge war that engulfed each and every land, with no victory in sight. Into this stalemate the machines introduced the strongest killing machine of all, designed to achieve ultimate victory: the Eve of Zero...

    A simple and classic RPG
    This Japanese Role Playing Game (JRPG) is easy and fun to play, for anyone from beginners to seasoned gamers.

    Beautiful, old-style graphics
    The dungeons contain many traps, and are satisfyingly challenging. You will need to explore every inch of the dungeons, to open the doors to paths that will enable you to proceed.
    The characters are rendered in a classic, 'eight-bit' style, and appear completely old-style when they move, one next to the other, but they are beautifully detailed and a delight to watch.
    Don't miss the butterflies that flutter through the towns, the reflections of the characters in pools and rivers, and the many other wonderful details!

    Flexible character development and easy battles
    Battles are simple and straightforward to control. Direct control makes for a stress-free game.
    By using stronger skills, you can deal with a number of enemies in one fell swoop.
    Using gems, you can strengthen the skills you have acquired, changed their elements, and so on. Customize skills to suit your preferences, and develop your characters in just the ways you want to!

    Complete with a variety of record books
    The skills and items you have gained, the monsters you have encountered, and so on, are all recorded in the record books.
    This convenient feature allows you to check a whole range of information, for example the items you gain when you defeat a certain monster.
    It could even be said that you have only really cleared the game when you have completed all the record books!

    What's in this version : (Updated : Jan 11, 2013)
    • XPERIA PLAY Optimized.
    • SD card install is available
    Required Android O/S : 1.6+

    Screenshots :

    Download : 10Mb APK

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