QuitNow! Pro v2.6.10 APK

Let your Android help you quit smoking!

QuitNow! Pro play.google.com.dejaloYa
Let your Android Help you quit smoking!
Are you quitting smoking? Want to quit? Let this application help you!

  • Days without smoking
  • Cigarettes not smoked
  • Money saved
  • Time saved
  • 9 Aspects of your health that you will see gradually improved
  • Tips for quitting
  • Facts about snuff
  • 30 Achievements to unlock and share with your friends!
  • Widget to see your progress
  • Gallery
  • hare your progress
  • Facebook and Twitter integration
Available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Greek and Polish.

What's in this version: (Updated : Mar 19, 2013)
  • Fixed Italian translation
Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Screenshots :

Download : 1.5Mb APK

Brotherhood of Violence v1.0.1 APK

Brotherhood of Violence puts your fighting skills to the test with stunning 3D graphics!

Brotherhood of Violence play.google.com.brotherhood
Brotherhood of Violence puts your fighting skills to the test with stunning 3D graphics, multiple fighting disciplines, and more than 400 ever evolving fighters that learn through artificial intelligence. Battle your way through 30 environments to defeat punks, ninja, Yakuza and more. Watch out for the Big Boss. He has it in for you and his skills are unmatched! Click "...More" to learn why you should download this App today!

You're a former member of an elite brotherhood of assassins. The problem is, with this brotherhood there's no such thing as a "former" member. You knew the Big Boss would try to drag you back in, but you never thought he's kidnap your brother to get to you. Now you must follow the way of the warrior to find him and bring him home.
  • High end 3D engine
  • Multitouch, third-party controller (Bluetooth) support
  • Explore 30+ unique environments
  • More than 400 different stylized opponents to defeat!
  • Choose from 12 unique fighters or create your own with a deep character editor (features: face, complexion, weight, clothes, accessories and more)
  • Evolving fighters AI will keep you entertained
  • Play daily challenges: Hitman, Battle Royale and Survival !
  • Brag about your skills on Facebook
  • In-App purchases available for game credits, unlocking more companions, more attacks styles, new abilities, clothes and more!
  • High quality character animations with 12 different fighting styles: Boxing, Muey-thai, Feral, Kung-fu and Karate
  • Stunning graphics, full 3D characters, advanced lighting and an unprecedented level of detail
  • Intuitive controls with jump, roll, attack, quick time events, super moves and more!
Equip your character, learn your fighting technique. What's it going to be? Muay-thai? Kung-fu? With five different disciplines to choose from, you're ready to jump right into the middle of the action!

Get lost in the story with amazing cinematic effects, awesome lighting and intricate detail as you fight to rescue your brother. Your opponents learn through AI, so they're constantly evolving and learning your moves. What works for one bad guy today, may not work tomorrow! It's a tough fight, but you can get help if you need it. You can always unlock a companion to help you along the way.

Three levels of difficulty ensure that you'll never be bored as you perfect your fighting style. All you have to decide is whether to follow the light path of the warrior, or go into the dark. Download Brotherhood of Violence now and get your brawl on!

Supported devices: Snapdragon S2, PowerVR SGX 540, Tegra 2 minimum.
Recommended: Mali MP400, nVidia Tegra 3 or Snapdragon S4 .
Optimized for Xperia Play.
Keyboard and USB joystick supported

You must have at least 384 MB of space for game data installation

Required Android O/S : 2.3+
Screenshots :

Download : 252M (APK+OBB)

    MAVEN Music Player (3D,Lyrics) v1.0.3 APK

    Take a music trip with MAVEN Music player, and find out its fantastic control features and unbeatable audio quality!

    MAVEN Music Player (3D,Lyrics) play.google.com.player3
    It delivers all the Maven 3D surround effect which presents dynamic and fantastic sound to listeners with real time synchronized lyrics.
    Even when using external stereo speakers, multi-channel virtual surround effect offers you highly immersive listening environment.

    MAVEN Solution (Multiform Audio Virtualizing & Enhancing Nexus) 
    1. XOME-i
    No headaches, no hurting ears on earphone use. Sound comes out of head and ears, so it creates a feeling like listening through speakers while using earphones and headphones. It provides richer and cleaner sound quality. Enjoying High fidelity audio is available on mobile devices with XOME-i.

    2. LIVE 
    Realization of 3 dimensional presence of powerfully reverberating sound when listening with earphone or speaker by creating the feeling of appreciating music in an actual live concert hall.

    3. MEX
    Reinforce insufficient reproductive capability of low-pitched and high-pitched sounds, while reinforcing stereo component of sound in order to further widen width of the stereo sound.

    Equalizer will adjust levels of each frequency band of sound, enabling the user to adjust the quality of a tone to his taste.
    This Solution is provided with a type that the user can adjust levels of each band like 9 band, or in preset type or in userset type. Provided preset can be configured with maximum 13 kinds including VOICE, JAZZ, CLASSIC, ROCK, DANCE, etc.

    5. EVS 
    Now, you can enjoy virtual surround sound through your normal stereo speakers. Virtual 5.1 Speaker is a solution that enables creation of wider and affluent stereo sound images under such environment. Voices are placed in front of you and ambient sound appears all around you… just like a live performance

    • MAVEN Effect(3D sound)
      • XOME-i(Externalization), Live(Reverberation), Mex(Maestro), EVS(Virtual Speaker)
      • 9 band graphic equalizer, 13 default preset (Voice, Jazz, Classic, etc), Custom preset (Save, Remove)
    • Response Curve of Equalizer
    • Volume Control (Media Volume, Pre Volume, Left/right channel adjustment)
    • Display lyrics in tag including lyrics search via Alsong plugin
    • Brightness control
    • Play music by artits, albums, songs, playlists, genres and folders
    • Songs search
    • Songs Rescan
    • Playlist management
    • Multi Select, Delete, Play, Add to Playlist
    • Rename
    • Repeat and Suffle
    • configurable widget types (size: 4x1, 4x2, 4x4)
    • Read Phone state (In order stop/resume playback during incoming / outgoing calls, 
    • Player requires read only rights to read phone state)
    • BlueTooth
    • Lock Screeen
    • Sleep Timer
    • Fade In/Out
    • Ringtone
    • Moving the SD Card
    • Help of Play, Volume, Effect
    Language Translations:
    • English
    • Korean
    • Chinese
    • Japanese
    Required Android O/S : 2.2+

    Screenshots :

    Download : 5.4Mb APK

      Cutting Edge Arena v1.0.1 APK

      Cutting Edge Arena is an action multiplayer game, with legendary warriors taking souls of their enemies during a never-ending war!

      Cutting Edge Arenaplay.google.com.cuttingedgearena
      It gives you an opportunity to play with other players around the world on several arenas.
      Fight them using swords, hammers, daggers, sticks and many more.
      Create your own account, earn Soulen Coins and experience. Buy new equipment to defeat your enemies faster.

      We also provide a global ranking system. Become the best warrior in the world!

      The game uses a Wi-Fi connection for online gameplay. You can also play offline with AI opponents through "Bot Game".
      You may also need to enable Universal Plug&Play on your router in order to host online games.

      • 9 playable characters
      • 27 weapons
      • 4 different arenas
      • 5 power-up skills
      • 9 character upgrades
      • offline bot game mode
      • game awards system
      • global ranking system
      • player accounts system
      What's in this version: (Updated : Mar 14, 2013)
      • Damage detection system improvements
      • Nickname coloring improvements
      Required Android O/S : 2.1+

      Screenshots :

      Download : 48Mb APK

      Night Camera+ v2.17 APK

      Take sharp and low noise photos in low light!

      Night Camera+ v2.17 play.google.com.night_plus
      Capture high quality images in low light. Use your mobile camera everywhere, in any conditions, no matter how dark is it. Take sharp and noise free images. See the scene clearly with night vision viewfinder.

      • No blur, no noise!
      • Full resolution
      • Advanced low light technique
      • Location tagging
      • Shutter sound can be muted
      • Support for Flash on/off/auto
      You may think there is very little difference between a cell phone camera and a point-and-shoot camera. Nowadays, mobile phone cameras have enough megapixels. The phones have enough storage capacity. Even the lens quality is not as bad as before and can compete with low-end compact cameras.

      At the same time, a big gap still exists when it comes to the basis of photography – the light source. If you take pictures in daylight, you may be satisfied with the quality of mobile images. However, when you move to a less bright indoor environment, you start to notice the difference. Mobile images appear to have more noise, they are usually blurry and lack detail in shadows. Bright areas turn into pure-white spots. Faces seem unnaturally flat, especially when using a flash. Getting into a darker environment extends the gap. While images taken with a regular camera are not very good but still do show a scene, mobile images become unacceptably blurry and show almost nothing but smeared lights and the camera’s own noise.

      What's in this version: (Updated : Mar 19, 2013)
      • speed improvements
      • stability improved, crash fixes
      Required Android O/S : 2.2+

      Screenshots :

      Download : 3.2Mb APK

        Kaspersky Mobile Security v9.10.141 APK

        Robust anti-theft, anti-malware, privacy protection and call/SMS filter !

        Kaspersky Mobile Security play.google.com/.kms
        Robust anti-theft, anti-malware, privacy protection and call/SMS filter
        Kaspersky Mobile Security offers you complete peace of mind, knowing that your smartphone and your data have the advanced protection against privacy violation, device loss or theft, annoying calls and messages, as well as malicious software.


        • Remotely Lock or Wipe your phone if it is lost or stolen. Just send a special SMS to a missing device to remotely activate protection. 
        • Prearranged message will be displayed on the screen if the smartphone is locked, allowing any law-abiding citizen that finds your smartphone to return it to you. 
        • Locate your smartphone using GPS, GSM or Wi-Fi – see it’s exact location on Google Maps. 
        • The first thing a thief normally does is to remove a SIM card. If the SIM is replaced, SIM Watch feature will immediately lock the device and send you an email alert with the new number. 
        Call & SMS Filter
        • Choose which contacts you want to accept calls and messages from. Easily blacklist annoying numbers just by a single click.
        Privacy Protection
        • You can mark a contact as ‘private’, meaning that no trace of them will appear in contact lists, SMSs and call logs. Other people using your mobile will only see what you allow them to see.
        Anti-Malware Protection
        • Everything you need to keep your smartphone protected: real-time protection from malware, on-demand or scheduled antivirus scans, automatic updates over-the-air.
        What's in this version: (Updated : Mar 19, 2013)
        • Android 4.2 support
        • Mugshot for identification of unauthorized users of your smartphone by secretly taking their picture
        • Anti-Theft Web Management portal – web-based control centre providing an easy-to-use, convenient way to interact with your phone remotely
          Required Android O/S : 1 .6+


          Download: 5.7Mb APK

          Fingerboard HD v1.6 APK

          Touch, grind, and skate in this all new 3D skateboarding game!

          Fingerboard HD is a skateboard game where you use your fingers to skate, grind, bust tricks, launch off ramps, and control the skateboard.

          Download now and check out our exclusive in-game Mike Steinkamp promotional skateboard!

          • High resolution tablet support (HD)
          • A 3D physics world to skate around in
          • Bust tricks, grind rails, and launch your board off ramps
          • Gain XP and unlock several boards from the skateboard shop
          • Toggle between Practice and Competition Mode
          Minimum Hardware Requirements:
          • 800x480 display or larger
          • 800MHz CPU
          • 512MB RAM
          What's in this version: (Updated : Mar 19, 2013)
          • Fixed a REPLAY bug that would prevent the board from moving
          • Improved memory performance during game play
          • You can now trick off the grindrail!
          • Reinstated varial-kickflips
          Required Android O/S : 2.0+

          Screenshots :

          Download : 8MbAPK

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