Usagi Yojimbo:Way of the Ronin v1.0.9 APK

Usagi Yojimbo: Way of the Ronin is the new game based on the classic comic by Stan Sakai!

Usagi Yojimbo:Way of the
Travel with Miyamoto Usagi on an epic journey, battling over 50 enemies and 13 boss monsters pulled right from the comics! Wield the legendary sword Grasscutter as you travel across feudal Japan in a tale to restore order to the land. 

  • 13 Action Packed Levels 
  • Over 60 different enemy types & 13 Boss Monsters right from the comics! 
  • Epic Storyline, approved by Stan Sakai! 
  • Unlock over a dozen Combos and Special Attacks as you progress through the game!
Required Android O/S : 2.0.1+

Screenshots :

Download : 113Mb (APK+OBB)

Sidebar Pro v4.0.0 APK

It's fast, functional, fluid, and customizable to your liking!

Populate the sidebar with your favorite apps, and simply swipe in from the edge of the screen to gain instant access to the apps you use most. Simple - yet elegant.
  • Fast, fluid, and immersive animations are integrated within Sidebar that keep it as quick as possible, yet help to add a dash of elegance to its presence.
  • A simple Add button appended at the end of the sidebar summons a menu listing all the apps installed on your system. Simply pick an app, and it will be added to the sidebar for quick access.
  • To dock the sidebar, simply select an app or touch outside
  • To remove an app, simply swipe it out of the sidebar! Alternatively, long pressing will bring up further options such as inserting and replacing.
  • Starting on boot
  • Adjusting the width & opacity of the bar
  • Adjusting the color scheme & position
  • Enabling/Disabling animations
  • Adjusting the swipe sensitivity
  • Enabling/Disabling vibration
Sidebar Pro
Sidebar Pro lifts the limitations put on the lite version and opens access to new customizability as well as functionality - elevating sidebar, to its most impeccable and pure state.

What's in this version : (Updated : Mar 18, 2013)
  • Added live running apps
  • Added live running indicators
  • Added settings for the above (by default enabled)
  • Minor efficiency tweaks, small bug fixes.
    Required Android O/S : 2.1+

    Screenshots :

    Download : 270Kb APK

    Perfectly Clear v1.50 APK

    Perfectly Clear has arrived for the world’s most popular mobile operating system, Android!

    Perfectly Clear for Android
    Athentech Imaging, the makers of Perfectly Clear, have been the industry leaders in Automatic Image Correction for years. Our powerful and desktop and intelligent LAB software have led the way for an award winning iPhone app and now Android app.

    Camera phones lack the quality and sophistication that dedicated cameras have and often leave you with underexposed, washed out photos. Perfectly Clear Automatically corrects these images and turns them into stunning memories for years to come. Now, from the everyday smart phone user to the experienced mobile photographer, there is an intelligent way to automatically correct your photos anywhere, anytime.

    With the new, completely redesigned interface, no effort is required to create and then share beautiful looking images with this fun-to-use app. Watch as Perfectly Clear automatically peels off your original photo to reveal a vibrant, color corrected photo with crisp details you couldn’t see in your original. Want more then automatic? Perfectly Clear lets you use our 10 patented correction to further customize your image the with the use of easy, intuitive sliders.

    See for yourself the power of Perfectly Clear

    Perfectly Clear for Android is available at an introductory price of $.99! That's 50% off.

    This is your chance to get this great new app from an award winning software company. Perfectly Clear will transform you Android photos from mere snapshots into stunning memories.

    What's in this version : (Updated : Mar 20, 2013)
    • Faster (2x)
    • More efficent processing allows saving of large (full res) images, also on older devices. Sorry to those of you before where we weren't saving full res.
    • We have re-designed the entire GUI.
    • Zoom
    • Removal of in-app purchase. The Beautify preset is now part of the core app.
    • Bug Fix: licensing
    • Exif support
    • New feature – Quick Correct. Tap your hardware menu button and selected images will be automatically corrected and saved without going to our edit screen.
    Required Android O/S : 2.3.3+

    Screenshots :

    Download : 30Mb APK

    Proximity Screen Off Pro v5.6 APK

    Want to feel what gestures can do? Here's an application which will let!

    Proximity Screen Off Pro
    Screen On/Off Using gestures:
    ☀ Flip cover mode
    ☀ Swipe Mode
    ☀ Cover & Hold

    Want to feel what gestures can do? Here's an application which will let
    you turn off/on your screen just with a swipe!! Swipe your hand over the proximity sensor (Located near the earpiece on top of the phone).

    • Pocket/Flip or Smart Cover Mode: Turns screen OFF when sensor covered and ON when uncovered. (Feature requested by Galaxy Note users)
    • Swipe to Screen Off: Turn OFF the screen by sliding your hand 
    • Cover to Screen Off: Turn OFF the screen by Covering the sensor for a duration of time (Cover and Hold)
    • Cover to Screen On: Turn ON the screen by Covering the sensor for a duration of time (Cover and Hold) - Note: This can cause Battery Drain
    • Ignore Apps list: Add the apps/games where you want to disable the service 
    • Widget: to start and stop the service 
    • ScreenOff shortcut: to turn off the screen by launching the app. 
    • Sensor Configuration : Based on your device select the sensor of your choice, or the one that's available and configure their values, as they are different for different devices. 
    • Enable screen on/off during calls only
    • Disable call handling completely
    • De-Activate sensors after timeout
    • Override power button and screen-on by other apps (Phone is in pocket and you get a call or you accidentally press the power button, screen will remain off)
    • Prevent accidental screen on
    • Disable accidental lock - in Swipe to Screen Off mode if the sensor is covered for longer than specified duration screen wont turn off 
    • Vibration on screen On/Off
    • Removing/Uninstalling the app
      • Launch ProximityScreenOff Pro and click Uninstall button 
      • System Settings , "Locations & Security" or just "Security" , Select Device Administrators and disable the ScreenOff App
    • App needs Device Administrator privilege to lock the screen, If you have any questions on permissions used by the app, please send me an email and i will explain you the reason app needs them.
    • To enable lock screen - Use option "Locks phone on screenOn" under "All settings"
    Tested On:
    Galaxy Note, S2, S3, Tab, Htc OneX, HD2, Desire HD, Google Nexus,
    Motorolla Xoom(Light Sensor), DROID Incredible

    What's in this version : (Updated : Mar 20, 2013)
    • Fixed app crash, when sdcard read/write permissions are disabled.
    Required Android O/S : 2.2+

    Screenshots :

    Download : 620Kb APK

    JellyCar 3 v1.0.0 APK


    JellyCar3 is a driving/platforming game that’s all about driving a squishy car through squishy worlds, trying to reach the exit. JellyCar3 features soft body physics for all of the objects in the world. Also your car can transform for a limited time to aid progression through the level.

    JellyCar 3 includes 50 themed levels designed to maximize your squishy gameplay. With platforms and objects that move, rotate, and trigger special effects, each level is a new adventure! Race to the stop sign, and keep an eye out for secret exits!

    Choose your car then create a customized color-styled JellyCar. Add detail down to the hubcaps! You can even customize the sound of your JellyCar!

    Chase the Ghost Car and race against friends and the best times from the global leaderboards.

    Save replays and relive your best times.

    Soar over obstacles and reach goals with the Balloon ability, climb walls with Sticky Tires, tap your car to make it grow, and play along with great music and sound effects. Everything that makes JellyCar awesome is here and more, so test-drive JellyCar 3 today!

    What's in this version : (Updated : Mar 13, 2013)
    • Zany new art style, with vibrant colors and amazing worlds, all adding up to a stunning visual gameplay experience. Exclusive to NVIDIA Tegra users: enhanced graphics in an all new PBJ Mode! Jelly Car? More like Jelly World.
    Required Android O/S : 2.2+

    Screenshots :

    Download : 33Mb APK

    Word Lens Translator v2.0.3 APK

    See the world in your language!

    Word Lens Translator
    See the world in your language -- instantly translate printed words from one language to another with your built-in video camera, in real time!
    NOTE: This paid version of Word Lens INCLUDES ONE LANGUAGE pack. 

    Available language pairs:
    • English ⇆ Spanish
    • English ⇆ French
    • English ⇆ Italian
    Word Lens gives you translation on the go:
    • NO NETWORK required - results appear immediately on your video screen when you need it, anywhere in the world. 
    • Easy to use, like the regular camera 
    • Look up translations by typing them in, or clicking on a word.
    Notes for getting the best quality out of your translations:
    • Best used on clearly printed text (e.g. signs, menus) 
    • DOES NOT recognize handwriting or stylized fonts 
    • It's not perfect, but you can get the general meaning! 
    • Keep text in focus by holding it at least one hand-length away and tap-to-focus if autofocus is struggling.
    • Turn on the flashlight (if available on your device)
    • Zoom in (if available on your device)
    Some features are device dependent. Not all device cameras can zoom, nor do all devices have a flashlight.

    What's in this version : (Updated : Mar 16, 2013)
    • Bug fixes.
    Required Android O/S : 2.3.3+

    Screenshots :

    Download : 30Mb APK

    Gymrat: Workout Planner & Log v1.0.5 APK

    Premium fitness app and workout logger with hundreds of exercises, many routines, trend tracking, intuitive interface, and tools that will help you achieve your goals !

    Gymrat: Workout Planner & Log
    Exercises: 300 exercises and more in later updates. But if you don't want to wait, you can add your custom exercises. Exercises are easily searchable by name, difficulty and equipment

    Routines: a dozen built-in routines and several added with each update. Ability to create custom routines. Exercises can be reordered, added, deleted, and supersetted. Optional timers to track rest between sets are available.

    Logging: Individual exercises and whole routines can be logged. Logs are viewed in table and chart formats. Charts allow to see progression metrics such as "One Rep Max", "Maximum Weight", "Maximum Reps", "Longest Time" and many more!

    Profiles: Multiple people can now use the same app. Logs, progress such as weight, and other settings are associated with profiles

    Progress: Set goals, graph, view in table format, export and email (as screenshots, html, text, or csv):
    1. Vital Statistics: Weight, BMI (auto calculated), Body fat (auto calculated), Pulse, Blood Pressure, and Glucose.
    2. Body Measurements: Neck, Shoulders, Arms, Forearms, Chest, Waist, Hips, Thighs, Calves.
    3. Benchmark Exercises: Bench Press, Cable Row, Barbell Curl, Pushdown, Squat. Exercises can be added or removed.
    Tools: Countdown timer and Stopwatch with logging and export functionality is now available. We will be incorporating even more tools needed in the gym!

    Help: Descriptions of functionality of the app. We strive to make all features intuitive. Extensive help descriptions are currently under development.

    What's in this version : (Updated : Mar 20, 2013)
    • Data exporting bugfix
    Required Android O/S : 2.2+

    Screenshots :

    Download : 1.4Mb APK

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