Iron Man 3 - The Official Game v1.0.0 APK

Become billionaire Tony Stark as Iron Man in this free, fast-paced, endless runner, the official game of the upcoming movie!

Iron Man 3 - The Official
After the events of Iron Man 3, Tony has become a peacekeeper, but new threats emerge regularly all around the globe and Iron Man is the only one who can take care of them.
Get ready for intense action in this free, addictive, endless 3D runner!

  • Fight against rising A.I.M. forces around the world during amazing runs
  • Discover 3 different locations offering endless, self-generating levels: Malibu Shores, New York City and China 
  • Confront 4 epic villains from the Iron Man comics: Crimson Dynamo, Ezekiel Stane, Living Laser and the mighty M.O.D.O.K.
  • Complete various missions in fast-paced flying battles and epic one-on-one confrontations
  • Unleash Iron Man's superpowers with amazingly responsive swipe controls
  • Enjoy an outstanding 3D world with cutting-edge graphics and animations
  • Research and develop up to 18 suits from the different movies (MARK II, MARK 42, Silver Centurion, etc.)
  • Upgrade your armours and powers in the research Lab to wipe out your enemies
For all fans of superhero games, runner games, action games, arcade games, Marvel games, and for all of those who want to fight as Iron Man during amazing and intense free runs.
Iron Man 3 – The Official Game from the upcoming Marvel movie is a free-to-play game, but if you wish, you can enrich your experience by purchasing game items to boost your progress!

Required Android O/S : 2.3+

Screenshots :

Download : 14Mb APK

Main OBB : Part1 Part2 Part3 (547Mb)

Instructions : (Non-Root/Offline)
  • Install APK
  • Copy '' folder to 'sdcard/Android/obb'
  • Launch the Game (No need internet connection @ 1st run)

XnRetro Pro v1.22.2 APK

The paid, ad-free version of the free XnSketch app, with more frames!

With XnRetro, you can easily create stunning images with vintage or instant effect.

  • Different color effects
  • Different frame borders
  • Contrast, brightness and saturation adjustement
  • Vignetting
  • Save in gallery
  • Share with your friends with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Email, ...
What's in this version : (Updated : Apr 25, 2013)
  • Problem to Save&Share
  • Bugs fixed
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :

Download : 7.3Mb APK

Start menu for Android v1.2.2 APK

Now on Android, use the 'Start' menu of MS Windows!

Start menu for Android
This application is designed by a motive from the 'Start' menu for Windows series.
Have you ever had some difficulties to search or manage applications installed on your device?
This app supports very similar user interface to 'Start' menu of MS Windows. So you can search and manage all applications easily.

Also, you can categorize your all installed apps to folders and create shortcut to a folder or a predefined group such as starred, hot, hidden and more. Other folder management apps are no more needed!
The application drawer will be successfully replaced by this.

  • Very similar UI to Windows Start menu
  • pin apps to the favorites list
  • hot apps list
  • decorate panel by adding a widget
  • hide, app info, uninstall, folder for apps, shortcuts and activities
  • create shortcut to folder or more.
  • various skins: Windows 7, Windows XP, Mac OS...
What's in this version : (Updated : Apr 25, 2013)
  • fixed minor bugs
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Shiny The Firefly v1.0.72 APK

This adorable game, set in the middle of a picturesque garden, has you helping Shiny, the cute little firefly, to find his babies!

Shiny The
You’ll have to fly, run, hide and defend yourself against a legion of enemies. Stubborn mosquitoes, hungry toads, mischievous plants, sneaky wasps, endlessly long centipedes and lots of other little, dangerous garden dwellers are going to get in your way and make your life difficult.

Your reflexes will be tested, as well as your wit and intellect as you navigate through this beautiful, colorful world helping Shiny in his search. All kinds of different animations let you know how Shiny’s feeling. So you’ll always know if he’s feeling happy, concerned, tired or angry. That will help you solve the trickiest situations in the game. Use your ability to shine skillfully: the babies can only follow Shiny when he is lit up, but that also makes him visible to his enemies…

Can you reunite Shiny with his family?

  • Great, high-quality graphics 
  • A charismatic character with numerous animations 
  • Three different worlds with a total of 33 levels, teeming with enemies, bosses, puzzles and other game elements 
  • Unique “Light on, light off” feature 
  • An all-round fully developed and intuitive game experience for everybody
Required Android O/S : 2.3.3+

Screenshots :

Download : 140Mb (APK+OBB)

Beautiful Widgets v5.2.1 APK

Beautiful set of widgets including clock+weather, with some toggles

Beautiful Widgets
Beautiful set of Widgets containing clock widget, clock and weather widget, weather widgets, date widgets and toggle widgets with skins/themes support!
Selected by Google as an Android Editor's choice and first paid application to reach 1 million of downloads! What a success driven by its community!
    See why it is the best Android clock and weather widgets and the only choice for thousands of users! You probably heard of Beautiful Widgets before!

    Now with Honeycomb tablets support (ie the Motorola Xoom, Galaxy Tab)!
    • High Definition Super Clock HD widgets available in many sizes and many layouts (also resizable on Android > 3.0). High quality rendering and resizable with no loss of quality! 
    • Display either the weather, battery icon (both with skins) or just a clock on the widget.
    • 5 days Weather Forecast based on Google weather or Accuweather, with Geolocation support, automatic sunset/sunrise, also available on a weather only widget.
    • Support multiple locations for the forecast, so you always know the weather for any others places
    • Weather alerts (USA only), storm/rain/snow forecasts
    • More than 15 nice Weather Animations (rain, storm, etc) for your pleasure when tapping the weather icon from the widgets.
    • Moon phases, actual and a calendar for the next 4/5 phases
    • Nice toggle widgets for Wifi, Bluetooth, Mobile, Brightness, GPS (shortcut), Silent, Vibrate, Plane Mode, 4G (only for a few HTC devices), Rotate, Pattern (below android 2.2) and a Timed Silence!
    • More than 1000+ FREE Skins/Themes to changes the look and feel of you clock, weather icons or toggle buttons ! Impress your friends with your clock widget!
    • Weather Live Wallpaper OpenGL accelerated (for supported devices only) which allow to display the weather live from your wallpaper, with many effects, physics and interactions! 
    • Auto-refresh weather on widgets when your phone is unlocked
    • Define applications to launch when tapping the hours, date or forecast details from the widgets so you can access the most important applications very easy from our beautiful widgets.
    • Introducing Beautiful Today widget which display the date using the same look as the Super Clock
    • Temperature displayed in your notification bar, with access to the weather forecast. Now with the Ice Cream Sandwich look & feel if you are on Android 4.0!
    • Web Skin Market with cloud to device communication: browse skins from your computer and apply it directly to your phone along with a new wallpaper!
    • Web Skin Mixer: create your own customized skins from the elements of the others skins
    • Many options in order to create your own experience!
    • Super Clock HD widget with weather, battery or just the clock 4x3 4x2 4x1 2x1 5x3
    • Weather only widget 4x1 1x1
    • Battery widget 1x1
    • Date widget 2x1 1x1
    • Text Clock simple widget 2x1
    • Toggles widgets 1x1
    • Home widgets with clock and weather and 300 skins 4x1 2x1
    What's in this version: (Updated : Apr 25, 2013)
    • Fix summer time error.
    • WARNING:
      Avast is detecting a Trojan in the new version, this is a FALSE positive, an error from their antivirus.
    • Addition of the daylight in ForecastScreen (available the 2nd day after the update)
    • Other improvements and fixes
    Required Android O/S : 1.6+

    Screenshots :

    Download : 11Mb APK

    ThinkFree Mobile Pro v5.0.130214 APK

    ThinkFree Office Mobile for Smartphone!

    ThinkFree Mobile Pro
    ThinkFree Mobile enables you to have instantaneous office productivity application, with the use of any device, with remarkable functions and with convenient user interface..

    NEW features:
    • Improved icon visibility
    • Warning message added when data connecting
    • Fixes an issue in a spreadsheet cell with wrong value
    • Supports 28 languages
    • Force Close issue fixes
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes
    • Pinch to zoom added on PDF viewer
    ThinkFree Mobile’s advanced functionality of high speed upload and response time, improves efficiency!
    It’s easy and quick to access.

    ThinkFree Mobile has small footprint and customized user-interface for mobile environment

    ThinkFree Mobile includes file management with synchronize functionality
    When working on mobile devices, you can synchronize all documents with your PC or notebook. It enables you to open, create and manage documents easily.

    ThinkFree Mobile makes sharing and collaboration easy! You can open the documents readily, share your insights and opinions, and others can find the documents quickly.

    KEY features

    Office on the go
    • Office suite optimized for mobility. 
    • Create, view, edit, access and share Microsoft○R office anytime you want
    • Compatibility with Microsoft○R office(word processor, spread sheet and presentation document)
    • View PDF file
    Cloud computing support
    • Share, upload and access any file on your handset
    • ThinkFree storage gives 2GB free storage
    • Google docs support (not support on ver 4.2)
    Perfect File management
    • No need to have any other stand-alone file manger
    • Support media file management as well as office documents
    Easy to use and quick response
    • Highly intuitive UX/UI design
    • Two-finger zoom, flick scrolling and multi-touch support
    • Optimized for mobile device that gives you quick and reliable response
    Write (Word)
    • Portrait & Landscape view
    • Easy scroll and zoom (standard/pinch/double-tap)
    • Search by word
    • Reflow view
    • Text encoding option
    • DOC/DOCX/DOT/DOTX/RTF/TXT (Word 97/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010)
    • Edit Text/Style
    • Edit and Send
    • Copy/Cut/Paste
    • Delete/Insert paragraph break
    • Insert Shape/Photo/Drawing
    • Quick select word/sentence/paragraph
    Calc (Spreadsheet)
    • Portrait & Landscape view
    • Easy scroll and zoom (standard/pinch/double-tap)
    • Search by word
    • Various embedded objects (Chart/Drawing/Image)
    • XLS/XLSX/CSV (Excel 97/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010)
    • Edit data/chart/formula/function/style/border
    • Live update when editing data/chart/formula/function
    • Insert/Delete rows/columns/cells
    • Resize height/width
    • Copy/Cut/Paste
    • Insert Shape/Photo/Drawing
    Show (Presentation)
    • Portrait & Landscape view
    • Outline & Full screen view
    • Easy zoom (standard/pinch/double-tap)
    • Flip to navigate
    • Various embedded objects (Drawing/Image)
    • PPT/PPTX/PPS/PPSX/POT/POTX (PowerPoint 97/2000/XP/2003/2007/201
    • Edit text/style/shape
    • Move/Delete any object
    • Move/Delete/Reorder slides
    • Copy/Cut/Paste
    • Insert Shape/Photo/Drawing
    PDF viewer
    • Native PDF Viewing
    • Email Attachment Support
    • Search Text
    • Bookmarks Support
    • Superior Embedded Font Support
    • Reflow view
    • Multiple Zoom Levels
    • Easy Zoom (Double-Tap & Pinch)
    • Multi-lingual support
    File manager
    • Intuitive file manager
    • Browse/Move/Copy/Delete
    • Create/View/Edit
    • Send by email
    • Seamless integration with ThinkFree Online
    • Google Docs support
    • Extract ZIP archive
    • Live Folder for recent documents
    What's in this version: (Updated : Mar 29, 2013)
    • Now supports Android 4.2 JellyBean!
    • Supports Jellybean (2x ~ 3x faster when loading documents)
    • Added options to download fonts
    • Several bug fixes
    Required Android O/S : 2.1+

    Screenshots :

    Download : 25Mb APK

    For ICS

    For Jelly Bean

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