Worms 2: Armageddon v1.3.2 APK

Grab your grenades and prepare for battle, as the worms are back, bigger and better than ever in Worms™ 2: Armageddon!

Worms 2: Armageddonplay.google.com.worms2armageddon
The best-selling turn-based-strategy blast-a-thon is now available on Android, with new weapons, brand new customisation options and of course, more explosions!

  • Authentic Worms™ gameplay with cartoon-style visuals, comical audio and a refined control system using the innovative touch screen user interface
  • New to Worms? Make sure to check out the Practice mode, where you can try out weapons against A.I. dummy worms
  • 30 Single Player missions across 5 new themes including Manhattan, Medieval, Sports, Construction and Cheese
  • Body Count Mode, take on endless waves of increasingly tough enemy worms
  • Take on players from around the world with online Wi-Fi multiplayer action for 2 players
  • Pass-and-Play with hotseat local multiplayer action for 2-4 players
  • New weapons and utilities, including the Sentry Gun, Electromagnet, Napalm Strike, Super Sheep, Petrol Bomb, Armageddon, Pneumatic Drill, Earthquake and Poison Strike
  • Classic Worms™ weaponry, including the return of the Sheep, Holy Hand Grenade, Concrete Donkey, Parachute, Baseball Bat and Ninja Rope
  • Personalise the look of your team by changing your worms names, hat, skin, speechbank, gravestone, fort and victory dance!
  • 12 different Game Styles including new modes Fort Mode and Crazy Crates and the return existing modes Easy, Normal, Pro, ‘Bazooka and Grenade’, Melee, Gun Show, Heads Up, Lightside, Darkside and Sudden Death. You can even create your own Custom Game Style!
  • Leaderboards
  • Achievements
What's in this version: (Updated : Apr 26, 2013)
  • Small update to touch controls to improve performance.
  • Now compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :

Download : 5Mb APK

Download : v1.3 (APK+OBB)

Instructions :
  • Install APK
  • Copy 'com.worms2armageddon.app' folder to 'sdcard/Android/obb' (If you have installed v1.3 no need to download obb file)
  • Launch the Game

HD Widgets v3.9.5 APK

The best new widgets for Android - ready for ICS and Honeycomb! "Amazingly awesome and beautiful" - Android Communit y

HD Widgets play.google.com.hdwidgets
Editor's Choice - Google Play 2012HD Widgets are the next generation of widgets - something fun and amazing designed for today's high resolution, multi-gesture screens. Make iPad/iPhone users go nuts with envy!

HD Widgets includes a dozen beautiful widgets that show current time, current weather, weather forecast, and utility switches. We put a TON of time into designing each widget to look great on every Android screen, from 320x480 phones all the way up to 1280x800 tablets.

The best part of HD Widgets is how fun and easy it is to use. Everything in the app is swipeable: the menu, the pages, and the options. You just swipe left and right to change details on the fly. You can mix and match various clocks (LED, flip clock, and Honeycomb) with backgrounds, layouts, and other options. Simple!

Widget Features:
  • lots of amazing, beautiful widgets
  • clock, date, location, weather, forecast, & utility switches
  • LED, flip clock, & Honeycomb clock designs
  • over a dozen colorful backgrounds
  • large made-for-tablet widgets
  • hot spots for alarm clock, calendar, & weather
  • phone widgets: 1x1, 2x1, 4x1, 4x2, 4x4
  • tablet widgets: all phone sizes + 8x1, 8x2, 4x7, 6x1, 6x2, & 3x5
App Features :
  • User Guide to help you get started
  • fullscreen weather activity
  • high-resolution weather icons
  • fun & unique swipe-based UI
  • quick and easy editing
  • widget & theme previews
  • choice of AccuWeather or WeatherBug service
  • 12 / 24 hr clock
  • F / C temperature
Recently Added:
  • Galaxy Note widgets
  • widget hotspot customization
  • QHD (Atrix 4G/ Evo 3D)
  • multi-language weather reports (AccuWeather recommended)
  • XHDPI (Galaxy Nexus & Note)
What's in this version: (Updated : Apr 26, 2013)
  • Localization
  • Minor bug fixes
Required Android O/S : 2.3+

Screenshots :

Download : 21Mb APK

Perfectly Clear for Android v1.5.3 APK

Perfectly Clear has arrived for the world’s most popular mobile operating system, Android!

Perfectly Clear for Android play.google.com.perfectlyclear
Athentech Imaging, the makers of Perfectly Clear, have been the industry leaders in Automatic Image Correction for years. Our powerful and desktop and intelligent LAB software have led the way for an award winning iPhone app and now Android app.

Camera phones lack the quality and sophistication that dedicated cameras have and often leave you with underexposed, washed out photos. Perfectly Clear Automatically corrects these images and turns them into stunning memories for years to come. Now, from the everyday smart phone user to the experienced mobile photographer, there is an intelligent way to automatically correct your photos anywhere, anytime.

With the new, completely redesigned interface, no effort is required to create and then share beautiful looking images with this fun-to-use app. Watch as Perfectly Clear automatically peels off your original photo to reveal a vibrant, color corrected photo with crisp details you couldn’t see in your original. Want more then automatic? Perfectly Clear lets you use our 10 patented correction to further customize your image the with the use of easy, intuitive sliders.

See for yourself the power of Perfectly Clear

Perfectly Clear for Android is available at an introductory price of $.99! That's 50% off.

This is your chance to get this great new app from an award winning software company. Perfectly Clear will transform you Android photos from mere snapshots into stunning memories.

What's in this version : (Updated : Apr 26, 2013)
  • Added support for .PNG files
  • Faster launching of app
  • No longer loads 5 example Athentech images on splash screen – just your own images
  • Fixed bug so that you can now send your dropbox images directly to Perfectly Clear
  • Fixed Google licensing error (PolicyReason256)
  • Minor usability tweaks for easier saving of photos
  • Complete version history here:http://www.athentech.com/whats-new-in-android.html
Required Android O/S : 2.3.3+

Screenshots :

Download : 30Mb APK

EPOCH v1.4.3 APK

EPOCH - Post-apocalyptic Robot Combat!

Follow the echoes of a lost civilization in a visually-stunning post-apocalyptic world where only robots survive to fight a never-ending war. Fight towards your goal and piece together the fragments to reveal exactly what happened when the old world ended. Is this the dawn of a new Epoch? And how can you find the one person you were originally assigned to protect?

Control your character with intuitive finger swipes. Make split-second tactical decisions, take cover, select targets, dodge incoming fire, utilize special abilities, and launch countermeasures!

Battle escalating waves of robots in arena-style combat, and upgrade yourself with pieces torn from your fallen enemies! Configure your robot with dozens of weapons, armors, boosters and counters.

Fight in multiple locations across a vast and ravaged city, and gather fragments of the past with logs from a cast of characters, each with their own perspective on the apocalyptic events that destroyed a once-proud civilization.

Utilize the enhanced visual capabilities of next gen Android devices with high-resolution graphics powered by the UnrealEngine!

What's in this version: (Updated : Apr 26, 2013)
  • Added support for the back button for all menus.
  • Added a close button to the frontend menu to exit the app (back button on this menu also requests exit).
  • More memory optimizations to fix crashes on some devices.
Required Android O/S : 2.3+

Screenshots :

Download : 495Mb (APK+OBB)

Smart Tools v1.5.7 APK

Measure length, angle, distance, height, direction and sound with your phone!

Smart Tools play.google.com.tools
Measure length, angle, distance, height, direction and sound with your phone.
Smart Tools is a complete package of 5 app sets. It includes 5 Pro sets for a total of 15 tools. In a word, All-in-One.
  • Set 1: Length, Angle, Slope, Level - Smart Ruler Pro
  • Set 2: Distance, Height, Width, Area - Smart Measure Pro
  • Set 3: Compass, Metal detector, GPS - Smart Compass Pro
  • Set 4: Sound level meter, Vibrometer - Sound Meter Pro
  • Set 5: Flashlight - Smart Light Pro
What's in this version : (Updated : Apr 26, 2013)
  • Compass update (screen capture, share).
Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Screenshots :

Download : 5.2Mb APK

Alarm Clock Pro v1.0.8 APK

This is the ultimate alarm clock app you've been waiting for - Alarm Clock Pro!

Alarm Clock Pro play.google.com.alarmclockpro
This is the ultimate alarm clock app you've been waiting for - Alarm Clock Pro!
Alarm Clock Pro turns your android into a beautiful digital clock with gorgeous themes and an alarm clock that sings your favorite tunes. There is even a built-in flashlight to light up the darkness!

Now it's the No.1 top paid utility in iTunes app store across 30+ countries!!!

This is the ultimate alarm clock app you've been waiting for -- Alarm Clock Pro!
  • Choose your favorite music to wake you up 
  • Select from gorgeous designer themes, big LCD display and more coming 
  • Turn the clock into a flashlight instantly
All the features that you required are here. So why wait? Grab it now while the sale is still on!


  • Gorgeous color LCD display: Blue, Cyan, Green, Orange, Pink, Red and Yellow 
  • Vertical and horizontal modes 
  • 12 or 24 hour format 
  • Show/Hide seconds 
  • Show/Hide weekday
  • Customizable auto-lock time
  • Select your song as alarm 
  • 11 built-in alarm sounds: Ascending, Birds, Classic, Cuckoo, Digital, Electronic, High Tone, Mbira, Old Clock, Rooster, School Bell 
  • Super big Snooze/Stop Alarm buttons 
  • Multiple alarms supported 
  • Sound/Music ON/OFF, 
  • Sound/Music volume adjustable 
  • Snooze ON/OFF 
  • Snooze time customizable 
  • Vibrate ON/OFF 
  • Sound/Music Fade In: Wake up gently in the morning! 
  • Alarm works even screen is locked or android is in silent mode
  • Shake Phone to toggle the flashlight
  • Slide/flick up and down to dim the screen 
  • Shake to toggle the flashlight
What's in this version : (Updated : Apr 24, 2013)
  • Fix the issue that it may display improperly while rotating in some rare cases
Required Android O/S : 1.6+

Screenshots :

Download : 6Mb APK

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