Demolition Master 3D v1.13 APK

Demolition Master 3D!

Demolition Master 3D
New 3D game for your Android device! With Demolition Master 3D you will fill like the real bomb expert capable of tackling even the most complicated tasks. Travel to various countries and continents, take part in ambitious construction projects and demolish, demolish, demolish!

Demolition Master 3D is a sequel of popular game Demolition Master that already has hundreds of thousands fans worldwide.

  • Game is entirely in 3D;
  • Realistic physics;
  • Excellent graphics and nice visual effects;
  • 110 game levels, 5 locations;
  • 4 types of explosives with different properties;
  • Social network OpenFeint (leaderboards & achievements).
What's in this version : (Updated : Feb 22, 2013)
  • Minor bug fixes
  • There was reconsidered the list of the required permissions.
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :

Download : 47Mb APK

Windows 7 Task Bar v1.0 APK

Tab the start button to show/hide the task bar and Long press it to show/hide the start menu!

Windows 7 Task
It's just same with Windows 7 Task Bar!
You can multitasking and task-kill everywhere, anytime.
Tab the start button to show/hide the task bar and Long press it to show/hide the start menu.

In some versions of MIUI, you are supposed to check 'Show popup window' in application setting.
Tag: taskbar quick launcher dock multi tasking apps windows8 windows7 changer switcher manager shortcut

Required Android O/S : 3.0+

Screenshots :

Download : 1.4Mb APK

Now Playing v1.07 APK

Now Playing is a powerful, elegant music player for Android!

Featuring a simplistic Google Now-esque theme, Now Playing is the most beautiful Music Player in the Play Store.

Now Playing is streamlined, containing only the necessary features, without the bloat and complex UI's of the competing music players.

Now Playing's streamlined approach to your music collection allows you to quickly navigate your library to find the song you're looking for. It's built in search function speeds this process up even further if you already know what you're looking for.

  • Compatibility with your phones built in equaliser. If your phone did not come with one, one can be downloaded from the Play Store.
  • Share your currently playing songs on Twitter/Facebook/Google+ or anywhere else you like with one tap.
  • Automatically fetches lyrics for the currently playing song.
  • Automatically downloads Album/Artist art from Last.FM.
  • Scrobbling to Last.FM. (Soon)
  • DashClock Music compatibility.
  • On the Now Playing screen, swipe to the right to get to the song queue. Swipe to the left to fetch lyrics for the currently playing song.
  • Tap the bottom bar to goto the Now Playing screen from anywhere in the app. Swipe the bottom bar audio controls to expose shuffle and repeat options.
What's in this version : (Updated : May 1, 2013)
  • Queue will update to currently playing song on change
  • Other small fixes/translation fixes
Required Android O/S : 2.3+

Screenshots :

Download : 2Mb APK

True Weather, Cities v4.20H APK

TrueWeather animates actual weather, day and night as a live wallpaper!

True Weather,
TrueWeather, Cities animates the current weather, day and night as a live wallpaper for your phone or tablet. The weather is reported for your current location or specified city. The live wallpaper is animated in full HD. It also include widget for 10 days forecast (meteogram).

  • Current weather situation.
  • Four different animated day/night live wallpapers for 4 seasons (cities):
    • PARIS as spring
    • DUBAI as summer
    • NEW YORK as autumn
    • MOSCOW as winter
  • Season is automatically selected depending on your location and date.
  • Accurate animation of sunrise and sunset.
  • The current phase of the moon.
  • Choice of two weather providers.
  • 10 days forecast graph (meteogram) Widget
  • 6 or 10-day forecast, depending on the weather provider (start with double tap on the wallpaper, see video).
  • Feels like temperature.
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Humidity
  • Quick access to 2nd city(triple tap wallpaper)
  • Lots of settings
  • Rain, Snow depends on the wind speed, etc...
  • Optimization for CPU and Battery usage
  • Portrait & Landscape mode
  • Weather data in 22 languages (English, Italian, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Czech, Arabic, Thai, Turkish, Polish, Hungarian, Finnish, Slovak, Hindi, Japanese, Romanian, Portuguese, Korean, Bulgarian)
Tip: How to change city theme?:
  1. Run True Weather, select Settings.
  2. Scroll to Theme Background
  3. Select city from list
  4. Scroll to bottom and press "Save" button
What's in this version : (Updated : Apr 30, 2013)
  • support for full HD smartphones
Required Android O/S : 2.3+

Screenshots :


Download : 33Mb APK

The Bard's Tale v1.4 APK

You are the Bard, a selfish rogue weary of pointless sub-quests and rat-infested cellars!

The Bard's Tale
You are the Bard, a selfish rogue weary of pointless sub-quests and rat-infested cellars. Through magical song you summon characters to join you in battle, heal your party, and take damage on your behalf. Ready your weapon as you embark on a quest for coin and cleavage!

“Ready your weapon and bladder as you embark on this ridiculously addicting quest and the funniest adventure of the year, The Bard’s Tale” – Game Chronicles

Play The Bard’s Tale today on your favorite compatible Android device*. Prepare to immerse yourself in over 20-30 hours of adventure, featuring:
  • 50 enemy types (not counting bosses!) 
  • A vast world to explore with towns, wild forests, rivers, castles, towers, secret dungeons, snowy mountains, caverns, haunted tombs and more 
  • A full cast of bizarre NPC’s 
  • Over a dozen special boss enemies to defeat 
  • 16 magical characters to discover and then summon at will to aid you 
  • Over 150 unique items of weaponry, armor, instruments, tokens, artifacts and loot! 
  • More Song & Dance numbers than any other game, including a zombie dance-off! 
  • Over 14 hours of outstanding voice-acting from top Hollywood talent, including Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride) as the Bard, and the inimitable Tony Jay as the Narrator
But wait! That’s not all! Enjoy these great new additions in the Android version:

  • Leaderboards—for accumulated Silver and Experience! 
  • Achievements—over 50 spread throughout the game! 
  • Autosave—option to save automatically when you near a save-book in game.
  • Time-Savers—optional in-app purchases are available to pump up your Bard and save you time! (Note: All such items are attainable through normal game-play, with time and persistence, just as in the original console release.) 
  • Includes the original classic game The Bard’s Tale I: Tales of the Unknown! 2 & 3 coming soon!
“This game is satire in its sharpest form” – Cheat Code Central

Play The Bard’s Tale today!

Please note: Asset installation over Wi-Fi requires at least 1.7GB of free space on your device.

Android adaptation by Square One Games.

What's in this version: (Updated : May 1, 2013)
  • Adds language support for Italian!
  • supported languages are now: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Polish.
  • Additional controller support:
  • MOGA PRO (HID and Pivot App)
  • GameStop Red Samurai
  • Green Throttle (requires GT Arena app)
  • NVIDIA Project Shield
Required Android O/S : 2.3+

Screenshots :

Download : 16Mb APK

Battery Booster (Full) v6.2 APK

Battery Booster - Boost Your Battery's Running Time and Max Battery Life !

Battery Booster (Full)
Based on system specifications, Battery Booster provides the most accurate information on your battery charge, which includes an auto-updating live chart visually tracking your battery usage, and the real-time battery capacity, temperature, voltage, etc. Battery Tweak, including Smart Battery Saver and convenient settings for managing Wifi & Bluetooth, can help to squeeze out the peak performance from your phone.

Battery Booster is a powerful battery boosting tool and power management application specially designed for Android devices.

Features :
  • Real-time battery status (capacity, temperature, voltage, and charging status, etc) monitor and battery usage tracking 
  • Homescreen widget support (Add to homescreen with Menu -> Add -> Widgets -> Battery Booster) 
  • Shortcuts to WiFi/Bluetooth/Screen Brightness/Screen Timeout settings 
  • Real-time battery use monitor and management to save more power 
  • Battery Calibration Notification to maximize your battery life span 
  • Settings to automatically turn off WiFi/Bluetooth when device is locked. 
  • Settings to automatically turn on WiFi/Bluetooth when device is unlocked. 
  • Settings to automatically turn off WiFi/Bluetooth when your battery is low. 
  • Settings to enable beep and select beep tone/interval when your battery is low. 
  • Settings to enable beep and select beep tone/interval when your battery is full. 
  • Settings to enable beep and select beep tone/interval when your battery is overheated. 
  • Save more battery with built-in smart task manager (Based on Memory Booster - Android RAM Optimizer) 
What's in this version: (Updated : Apr 28, 2013)
  • Change splash screen
  • UI Improvement
  • Resolve reported issues
  • Source code optimization
  • Other minor enhancements
Required Android O/S : 1.5+

Screenshots :

Download :3Mb APK

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