World of Anargor - 3D RPG v1.0 APK

A RPG action saga set in medieval time in full 3D environment!

World of Anargor - 3D
Hero, pick up a weapon and defend your world. Fight against Undead Legion from dark underworld known as World of Anargor. We are counting on you, you are chosen by gods and please stop the madness.

Dual core and higher ONLY!!!

  • Excellent fantasy 3D RPG game
  • Powered by Unity3D engine
  • Travel through the realistic world with magnificent graphics and sound set in the medieval times.
  • Enjoy the real time melee combat face to face.
  • 9 massive and detailed levels unlocked to play (and more to follow soon) as RPG.
  • Try to complete quests and missions in order to save the World.
  • 3 Different types of main Heroes (knight, dwarf and elf)
  • Over 20 amazing enemy types (wolves, skeletons, orks, spiders ...) in game, each with their own unique attacks and strategies.
  •  Range of equipment (more than 50) will help you to go through the troubles.
  • Stimulating background music and great sound effects.
  • Astounding visual effects like fireballs, freezing, thunderbolt, storm and more make your playing and magical attacks stunning to see.
  • Options to control camera and view - bird or fight mode view.
  • Unlocked all 9 missions and ready to play sequential. 
  • Unlocked all 3 types of main Heroes ( Perxan available on 1st level, Sonya on 5th level and Mirlan on 9th level.
  • Unlocked all weapons, shields, armors, magics and spells....
  • At Level 1 - 4 main quests, 2 bonus quests, 8 new items, 2 new magics. 
  • At Level 2 - 4 main quests, 2 bonus quests, 8 new items, 0 new magics. 
  • At Level 3 - 2 main quests, 3 bonus quests, 7 new items, 3 new magics. 
  • At Level 4 - 4 main quests, 1 bonus quests, 6 new items, 1 new magics. 
  • At Level 5 - 3 main quests, 1 bonus quests, 6 new items, 1 new magics.
  • At Level 6 - 3 main quests, 2 bonus quests, 9 new items, 1 new magics. 
  • At Level 7 - 5 main quests, 0 bonus quests, 4 new items, 1 new magics. 
  • At Level 8 - 10 main quests, 3 bonus quests, 3 new items, 1 new magics. 
  • At Level 9 - 3 main quests, 1 bonus quests, 3 new items, 0 new magics.
  • Watch tutorial video for understanding the game play.
  • Collect gold coins after beating the enemies and buy health and mana bottles to increase you vitality and astral points.
  • Customize your Hero with a range of new weapons, armors or shields 
  • Use special magic and spells to defeat enemy or increase you health or strength.
  • Notifications and pop-ups to guide the players.
  • Find secret features, quests and weapons in every level. 
  • Save and load game whenever you want.
  • Detailed mini maps will help you to find your way around and to solve the quest.
  • Gain experience points with each completed quest and unlock new features as you level up.
Required Android O/S : Varies with device

Screenshots :

Download : 180Mb (APK+OBB)

Flowpaper v1.09 APK

Flowpaper is an interactive drawing tool that lets you make beautiful flowing paintings using your finger tip!
Flowpaper is an interactive drawing tool that lets you make beautiful flowing paintings using your finger tip. Perfect for making a personal background for your device or for sharing with a friend.
All Pro Upgrade features now come with Flowpaper as standard

  • Designed for use on phone and tablet devices. 
  • Draw with physics 
  • Playful waves of colour 
  • Share images with friends 
  • Load images from your gallery 
  • Restore accidentally deleted flowpapers by pressing undo Upgradable Features 
  • Export high-resolution images. 
  • Continuous Flow mode, brush strokes keep flowing after you lift your finger.
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :

Download : 4.2Mb APK

iOs 7 Theme HD Concept 8 in 1 v2 APK

This is an issue for Theme Concept iOS 7 Concept Hd. This is an icon pack for many popular Launcher!

iOs 7 Theme HD Concept 8 in
This is an issue for Theme Concept iOS 7 Concept Hd. This is an icon pack for many popular Launcher . Also compatible with Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, ADW, Holo, Golauncher and others.
This topic contains 1000 icons and adding every week! And also contains wallpapers in high resolution.

Recommended system according to your android.
  • Nova Launcher from Android 4.0 to the current
  • ADW from android 1.6 to the current
  • HOLO Launcher works from android 2.3 with a style "Holo" as the current andrid the most
  • recommended for best effect on older phones.
  • Go Launcher from Gingerbread to the current
This is not an application, you need a pitcher like Go, Nova, Apex, Holo, ADW launcher and other custom themes that allow changing icons,

If you are not sure which launcher to use according to your phone send us an email and we will help you choosing an better customization for you either phone or tablet installation

Works with:
  • Nova Launcher
  • Apex Launcher
  • ADW Launcher Ex 
  • Go Launcher EX
  • free ADWLauncher
  • compressed HD Go Launcher (icons only)
  • Launcher Pro
  • Winterboard 
  • Walpaper design and resolution
Required Android O/S : 2.0+

Screenshots :

Download : 12Mb APK

fotodanz+ v1.6.5 APK

Be incredibly creative with your camera! fotodanz+ makes it super simple to create cool animated photographs (cinemagraphs) and lets you refine your fotodanzes in ANIMATED Edit Mode now. You can pinch-out for zooming in Capture and Edit modes, Zoom/Pan and circle regions, Trim video clip and select starting frames for smoother animations. You can also change looping speed and direction for added fun.

Take fotodanzes in THREE simple steps. You simply compose, shoot a short video clip (3 or 5s), circle the area(s) to animate, press Ok and you are ready to share your creations with the world. It is that easy!

For those who like to keep your creations, fotodanz+ saves your images using animated PNG format for smother higher quality color renditions. It automatically converts your images to GIFs when sharing so the images can be viewed easily and the file sizes are smaller for sharing. Note that GIF format can only handle 256 colors so the quality of the files shared are limited by this format.

Your fotodanzes are saved locally under pictures\fotodanz folder in png format. You can access them and share them anyway you like. We have made it easy to share via Facebook, Twitter and SMS. We have enabled Generic Sharing too. For more privacy, you can share directly via emails. Enjoy!

How it Works:
  1. Compose and press capture (fotodanz will automatically record 3 or 5 seconds of video)
  2. Now circle the region(s) to animate and press Ok (you can double-tap to redo the circles)
  3. Preview animation, add filter effects and/or select looping options. 
  4. Press Ok to save and you are ready to share!
What's in this version : (Updated : Jun 28, 2013)
  • minor bug fixes and code refinements
  • New features in PLUS version:
    • Higher Quality (animated PNG format)
    • Animated Edit mode
    • Zooming in Capture mode
    • Zooming/Panning in Edit Mode for selecting animation regions
    • Edit controls for trimming video, selecting looping mode and changing looping speed
    • No Watermark
Required Android O/S : 3.0+

Screenshots :

Download : 5.5Mb APK

Can Knockdown 3 (Full) v1.10 APK

Be accurate! Be smart! Be quick!

Can Knockdown
Challenge your aim, hone your precision, and push your puzzle-solving skills to the next level in this insanely addictive game. This installment takes the critically acclaimed Can Knockdown series to all new heights- the physics-based carnival gameplay you know and love- and adds unique puzzles, adrenaline-charged challenges, and even more explosive action!

A SMASH hit series!

  • Multiple challenging levels in beautiful 3D locations 
  •  Puzzles from Easy to Tricky… can you knock them ALL down? 
  • Show off your skills and challenge your friends! 
  • Multiple achievements and badges… collect them ALL! 
  • Gorgeous 3D graphics
  • Amazing realism, perfectly-tuned physics engine, easy-to-use controls 
  • Gameplay boosts like multipliers, bonuses, and so much more! 
  • Unlock new levels, open new locations, and discover hidden secrets!
Ready… set… THROW!

What's in this version : (Updated : )
  • We’ve heard your cries and answered the call. Are you ready for real knock down? Not 10, not 20 not even 30!
  • 40 amazing new levels are waiting for you in Can Knockdown 3! Additionally 2 extremely addictive Endless modes are ready to be mastered when you beat the new levels package. Join us now and challenge your friends!
Required Android O/S : 4.0+

Screenshots :

Download : 55Mb (APK+OBB)

Next Launcher 3D v1.38 build 70 APK

Next Launcher, designed by GO Dev Team, is officially released now!

Next Launcher 3D
Next Launcher is a new launcher application which is full of glorious 3D elements and dynamic effects. Fancy 3D visual elements, gorgeous transition effects and humanized gestures bring you a unique and splendid operation experience and visual enjoyment.

  • Various operation for icons: icons support rotation, reset, select, align and so on. Operation is easy and fantastic.
  • Unlimited screen layout: placing icons or widgets randomly which forms your own home screen.
  • Stereoscopic screen preview: lots of screen display effects, dazzling animation of screen switching about adding or deleting screen.
  • Quick screen management: adding different kinds of elements in screen edit including application icons, folders and widgets. It’ll support changing wallpapers and themes soon.
  • Rotatable dock: inverting upward or downward the Dock can quickly switch among home screen, screen edit and screen preview.
  • Powerful app drawer: icons can be arranged by names or by time, and folders can be created by overlaying icons. Batch mode and operation of adding apps to screen are also available. 
  • Beautiful scrolling effects: a variety of app drawer scrolling effects that provide a distinctive screen switching experience.
  • Fancy 3D widgets: 3D widgets that are based on Next Launcher are coming soon!
  • Please make sure your device has installed Google Play.
  • Phone performance:Android 2.3.3 and up; Dual-core models is better.
  • Suggestion:Watch the video of Next Launcher first, to know about the cool operation of the product.
  • Notice: We suggest users which use Galaxy Nexus don't remove the Menu icon.
What's in this version: (Updated : Jul 1, 2013)
  • (Fixed) The loop crash issue in some devices
  • (New) New operation of icon effects setting (click Next key -> Icon effects)
  • (Reduce) Reloading frequency
  • (Improve)UI2.0
  • (Fixed) Some FC bugs
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :

Download : 5.8Mb APK
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