Sonic The Hedgehog v1.0.4 APK

The Sonic game which started it all is now optimized for mobile devices!

Sonic The
Race at lightning speeds across seven classic zones as Sonic the Hedgehog. Run and spin through loop-de-loops as you collect rings and defeat enemies on your mission to save the world from the evil Dr. Eggman.

This re-mastered mobile version of the SEGA Genesis classic features the full “Sonic The Hedgehog” game, plus these EXCLUSIVE features:

Play as Sonic’s friends Tails & Knuckles for the first time. Use their unique abilities to fly, climb, and glide around levels offering exciting new ways to explore.

Sonic The Hedgehog now plays in widescreen at a smooth 60FPS offering unrivalled performance and the game’s legendary soundtrack has been fully re-mastered.

Challenge yourself with an all-new Time Attack Mode!

Sonic The Hedgehog on Android offers exclusive support for the Power A Moga, Nyko, XBOX, and all HID controllers.

Universal Play
One version for all supported Android devices! Buy once and play on either phones or tablets!

What's in this version :

Sonic the Hedgehog now optimized for the Nexus devices.

Required Android O/S : 2.3+

Screenshots :

Download : 32Mb APK

Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn v1.02 APK

A FPS (First Person Shooting) game with RPG element

Bounty Hunter: Black
A total of 4 classes with more than 100 skills and numerous random attribute equipment drops are at your disposal.
Fight through large maps, challenging quests, and online multiplayer system.
Come and join the adventure team on the Muspel Planet!

Classes and Skills:
  • Four classes with unique characteristics
  • Eight adventurers with different backgrounds
  • Customable diverse game styles
  • Hundreds of skills and numerous combinations
Long Adventure:
  • Great scenery in complex maps that are fun to explore
  • Immersive principal narrative with comical branch stories
  • Amusing plot focused task contents develop gradually to keep the story novel.
  • Brutally challenging levels.
  • 4 persons co-op
  • 8 persons PVP
  • Team task mode will help you upgrade rapidly.
  • Earn victory in Teamwork arena.
  • Strategic team dynamics.
Weapon List:
  • Various elemental weapons affect enemies differently.
  • Randomly generated weapon drop system guarantees satisfying combat.
  • Seven categories of weapons to obliterate varied battlefields.
Fight against Boss:
  • Epic fight scenes
  • Powerful Boss will rock your survival skills.
  • Designed for unique encounters each boss fight.
What's in this version: (Updated : Jul 7, 2013)
  • Adjusted difficulty, made the game easier to advance,
  • Lower cost of items
  • Bug fix
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :

Download : 200Mb (APK+OBB)
Instructions :
  • Install APK
  • Copy 'com.ifreyrgames.blackdawn' folder to 'sdcard/Android/Obb/'
  • Launch the game

Simplex Theme CM10.1 v1.6 APK

Simplex is a fresh and minimal take on the Android UI for use with the Theme Chooser Engine available in most custom ROMs!

Simplex Theme
With a cool grey color scheme and subtle hints of light red, this theme is perfect for those looking for an overhaul to the look of your phone. An attention to detail is important, take a look at the screenshots and see for yourself!

Only for use with the Theme Chooser Engine. A custom, rooted ROM with this feature is needed to use this app!!

Supported screen resolutions:
Supported ROMs:
  • CM10.1, AOKP, Paranoid Android
What's Theme Chooser & how to I apply this theme?
  • Theme Chooser is theme engine included in popular custom ROMs such as CM10, AOKP, and many more.
  • Download and install this app and then navigate to Settings -> Themes -> Alloy Theme, and hit the "APPLY" button.
  1. IF you see this error: "THIS THEME WAS IMPROPERLY COMPILED AND CANNOT BE APPLIED...", RE-APPLY the default "System" theme AND either:
  3. OR, clear cache & data of "ThemesProvider.apk" & "ThemeChooser.apk", then apply the theme.
What's in this version : (Updated : Jul 5, 2013)
  • Google keyboard users, use the stock AOSP keyboard instead!
  • Gmail theme updated
  • Remove stock lockring
  • CM Torch themed
  • Removed Play Music theme
  • Switch alignment issue (WIP)
  • Settings data usage tweaked
  • New Halo ring
  • MPDI endcall button (WIP)
  • Google Calendar check padding
  • Genie News themed
  • Fixed fastscroll popups
  • Removed search widget theme
  • Buttons theme tweaked
  • CM Quicksettings camera icon added
  • Kii Keyboard theme
  • Swype Keyboard theme
Required Android O/S : 2.3+

Screenshots :

Download : 16Mb APK

Native American 3D Pro v1.0 APK

The most photo realistic 3D live wallpaper on Google Play for your phone or tablet!

Native American 3D
Absolutely real, amazing 3d scene of Indian village. Ancient world lives in full harmony with nature and in this work you can see most of Native Americans symbols, wolves, eagles, turtles. All the elements are animated, so take a time to discover what the whole environment is actually living! Just relax and take a look at this fantastic ancient world!

Pro version comes with different time of the day conditions and also with different year seasons! You can choose between day or night and between summer and winter! Combining with those options is complete fun and each combination has an amazing visuals.

This live wallpaper was made by request and great input of actual Native American.
  • Native American 3D free made with OPEN GL 2.0 and optimized to consume low resources and also not to drain your battery.
  • Installation: The main screen (long press) → Live Wallpaper → Native American 3d Free
  • On some devices the first loading can be a little bit slow, just give it half minute.
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :

Download : 21Mb APK

Paper Artist v1.4.12 APK

Turn your photos into personalized works of art!

Turn your photos into personalized works of art!
Fun and simple to use, anyone can be an artist!.

  • Choose from over 30 original artistic styles to transform your photo.
  • Modify your existing photos, or use the built-in camera.
  • Paint with the brush to add a splash of color and other magical effects.
  • Write with the pen to add a personal message or a fun design.
  • Add a frame or border for that finishing touch.
You won't believe how your precious memory will be transformed into something unique and special.
Share your masterpiece on all your favorite social media sites. Everyone will be amazed!

This app is preloaded in some Samsung devices, please do not purchase the app if it is already included on your device.

Required Android O/S : 4.0+

Screenshots :

Download : 10Mb APK

Waking Mars v2.0.3 APK

Bring a Sleeping Planet Back to Life!

In 2097, life is discovered on Mars. When your mission of first contact becomes trapped by a cave-in, you must master the alien ecosystem to survive. With time running out, you will make a decision that determines the fate of a lost planet.

  • Explore an open-ended network of exotic caverns.
  • Decode mysterious signals and discover long lost ruins. 
  • Survive an unearthly world of strange creatures and hazardous terrain.
  • Grow a vibrant, interconnected ecosystem of exotic plants and alien creatures. 
  • Learn the diet, habits, and vulnerabilities of each new lifeform you encounter.
  • Cultivate one species to feed another, eliminate unwanted infestations, and research unique behaviors.
  • Intuitive touch screen controls
  • Nearly two hours of critically acclaimed original music.
  • Tweet Research Progress to your friends back on Earth!
  • UNIVERSAL APP - play on handsets and tablets!
What's in this version : (Updated : Jul 5, 2013)
  • Fixed suspend/resume issue for Android 2.3 devices.
  • 1GB RAM recommended
  • Note that the compressed download is about 300MB in size (most of this will install directly to SD card if available)
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :

Download : 260Mb (APK+OBB)

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